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Who is Bruce Pofahl? Wiki, Bio ( Suspect Identified in Oneida Casino Shooting ) Many More Facts You Need To Know

Bruce Pofahl Wiki – Biography

Bruce K. Pofahl was selected as the 62-year-old gunman who opened fire on the Oneida Casino and Radisson Hotel and Conference Center near Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday evening May 1, 2021. the gunman and a third victim were seriously injured.

Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain told a press conference Monday that the suspect is a former employee who was previously fired in 2021 and banned from entering the property. You can see a picture of Pofahl here.

Bruce Pofahl Age

He Is 62 Year Old

Bruce Pofahl, Shooting Suspect investigation & More Facts

The victims were identified as 35-year-old Ian J. Simpson, 32-year-old Jacob T. Bartel and 28-year-old Daniel L. Mulligan. Simpson and Bartle are killed and Mulligan is serious but stable in a Milwaukee hospital. All three victims were working at the casino. A GoFundMe created for Mulligan has raised over $ 18,000.

Officials said it was “a targeted incident, not a random shot.” It was targeting a specific victim. “At the police press conference, the target was not there, so the gunman decided to shoot the target’s colleagues and friends.

The casino is operated by Oneida Nation and is located in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, near Green Bay. Delain said, “We offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in this senseless act of violence. We appreciate everyone’s support and patience throughout this investigation. This incident has affected the lives of many in our community, including victims, their families, emergency first responders and their families, witnesses and Radisson staff and bosses. ”

Delain said at a press conference on Monday that the clash took place just before 19:30. In the Duck Creek Kitchen + Bar restaurant, located in the Radisson Hotel part of the Oneida Casino complex. He said there are several large banquet halls in the casino complex.

“A person can travel a considerable distance and enter several different rooms with multiple entry and exit points within the complex,” Delain said. “On Saturday, during the time of this incident, there were hundreds of people in the complex, including Oneida Nation employees, hotel guests, restaurant patrons, people using the banquet halls including wedding celebrations, and guests of the casino.”

Delain said 75 law enforcement and fire brigade and EMS personnel responded promptly from several local departments and agencies.

In the night incident, the suspect entered the complex on the south side of the building, between the casino and the restaurant, near the banquet halls. He walked to Duck Creek Kitchen + Bar and walked straight to the back of the restaurant, towards the waiter station, ”Delain said. “This waiter station is open to the public and is not an area only employees can enter. The suspect killed two employees at close range with a 9mm gun. This happened with about 50 customers inside the restaurant.”

Pofahl later left the restaurant and went up “to the north side of the complex”, Delain said. The sheriff shot the third victim, who was also a Duck Creek employee.

Delain said that the officers had formed teams to enter the building and find the threat, while others began to provide first aid to the victims. A liaison team from the Green Bay Police Department managed to capture and neutralize the suspect outside the complex on the north side of the building near the park structure. It was reported that the only suspect died at the scene. ”

Delain said the suspect was shot by police shortly after he shot the third victim. Delain said the entire event took place in 10 minutes or less.

Browser traffic said the active shooter was likely reported at “Oneida Casino Radisson” at a wedding. According to audio reports, the shooting was in the restaurant area or sports bar. “In the restaurant. A police officer, a man with a hat and glasses,” he said.

Radisson Hotel and Conference Center is affiliated with the casino.

“The suspect has been shot,” an officer said in his voice.

It was reported that there were “reports of an active shooter” on the first search.

Fox6 says, “We all started out slowly and then you realize they said it was serious. Next thing, we know you’ve seen a cop with AR15. He was crazy. “The next thing you know after that we heard 40 shots,” he said. We were running in the forest and we were getting wet… There were a lot of shots, of course. ”

Investigation into Filming Ongoing and the exact cause is not yet known

Delain said his office will investigate the shooting at the casino, while the Criminal Investigation Department of the Wisconsin Department of Justice will investigate the shooting of the suspect involving police. The state agency’s procedure for investigating police shooting attacks is in Wisconson, and Delain said he could not provide any information on this part of the incident. According to Delain, the FBI is assisting both investigations.

“We know he was a former employee,” Delain said of Pofahl, and “he was familiar with at least some employees at the restaurant,” but they are still trying to understand the suspect’s reason. He said that Oneida Ulusu advised Pofahl, after his dismissal in 2021, that “it is forbidden to be in the property”.

“We know it’s not a random act or anything like that,” Delain said. “We believe it is targeted.” Delain said there was nothing that caused a direct shooting at the casino on Saturday night.

“Currently, the Brown County Sheriff’s Office is continuing the double murder and attempting to investigate the murder. Of those who have direct information about the gun or who have eyewitness observation or mobile phone images and have not yet been interrogated by law enforcement, you can call 920-448-4229. They are asked to contact Lieutenant Brian Slinger. The Justice Department of Wisconson DCI continues to investigate the gun attack involving the officers and will present its own press releases when available. ”

Delain said that some parts of the incident were body camera images. “We are extremely proud of our law enforcement in our community,” said Delain. “To come across this dangerous situation in the midst of chaos. These are hard times in law enforcement, our actions are often criticized by those who cannot do our job and are predicted for the second time. Officers in our community did not hesitate to respond when needed. It should be appreciated for their courage in dealing with this tragic situation. ”

Delain confirmed at the press conference that the suspect was the target of a restraining order directed at him by someone working at the casino. Delain said he could not go into the details of who the suspect was targeting.

According to the report of Green Bay Press-Gazette, her female colleague alleged that Pofahl “had sent her threatening text messages and e-mails for several weeks containing pictures of her house and threats against her family”. Time is up, someone said.

According to Brown County court records, a 28-year-old woman applied for a restraining order against Pofahl on March 9, 2021. Judicial Court Commissioner Phoebe Mix issued a temporary restraining order on the same day. The restraining order was given as domestic violence / harassment. Pofahl was given a restraining order on 17 March.

On March 23, the restraining order was issued after a hearing. According to court records, “Pofahl, the injunction for Bruce without firearm restrictions” was issued by Judicial Court Commissioner Paul Burke. Court records obtained by the Press Newspaper show that Burke did not find “clear and convincing evidence that the defendant could use firearms to physically harm another person or to endanger public safety”.

Delain did not explain why the suspect was fired by the casino and hotel restaurant. He did not say how long the suspect worked at the restaurant. Delain said that firearms are not allowed in the casino, hotel and restaurant.

A Oneida Nation spokesperson said at the press conference that Pofahl is working as the restaurant’s food and beverage manager. Delain said Pofahl was a Brown County resident and had limited prior interaction with the police. Court records show that he lived in an apartment in Hobart, Wisconsin at the time he was given a restraining order against him.

There are no records of arrests or criminal cases involving Pofahl in the online database of public court records in Wisconsin. Pofahl’s recordings include speeding penalties in Virginia and Minnesota, but no other known conflict with the police, according to a public record search by the Heavy.

According to Delain, the gunman was armed with a 9mm gun. He said that they were investigating whether the gun was legally his own.

Pofahl has recently lived all over the country, including Florida, and worked in the restaurant industry for several years


Public records show that Bruce Kimbel Pofahl lived throughout the United States. Aside from his Green Bay address, Pofahl lived in Apopka, Florida, the public record recently seen by the Heavy show. Pofahl also lived in Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and North Carolina, according to public records.

Pofahl seems to have worked in the hotel and restaurant industry for several years. A 1995 article in the Detroit Jewish News about the restaurant at the Radisson Plaza Hotel describes Pofahl as the food and beverage manager and assistant manager at the time. The article says that Pofahl has been working there for two and a half years.

According to a 1989 article in The Manitou Messenger, Pofahl and a friend opened a restaurant together in Northfield, Minnesota that year. The article describes Pofahl as a graduate of Carleton College in Northfield.

A 2005 article in Fort Myers News-Press shows that Pofahl is the food and beverage manager at Noble House Hotels & Restaurant located at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort in Naples.




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