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Brian Harvey Wiki/Bio

British singer from London. She was the lead singer of the pop group East 17, which was later renamed E-17. The later incarnation had the top 20 singles on the UK Singles Chart between 1998 and 1999, with Resurrection album topping among the top 50 of the UK Albums Chart. After leaving E-17, Harvey signed a record deal with Edel Records and in 2001 released two singles “Straight Up (No Bends)” and “Loving You (Ole Ole)”.

Brian Harvey Arrested, Investigation & More Facts

East’s 17 former star Brian Harvey was arrested on suspicion of malicious communication and posted the moment he encountered the police on YouTube.

The 46-year-old troubled singer was greeted by six policemen at his home in London on Friday morning before being taken to Leyton Police Station for questioning.

He told the waiting officers that he refused to open his front door and then told them ‘Are you going to kill me?’ Live broadcast the strange exchange that he asked. The showdown is the latest example of the erratic behavior of the one-time Nineties pin-up that gathers 11 Top Ten hits with East 17, including the festival classic Stay Another Day.

Having been struggling with depression, which he once claimed led to a suicide proposal, Brian appeared outside Downing Street in October 2014 and asked to talk about ‘stolen cash’ with then Prime Minister David Cameron, claiming that the government owed him money.

And three years ago, he expressed his anger at Southern Electric and posted his complaints once again on YouTube, claiming he was being treated unfairly for an unpaid bill.

Most famous of all, he crushed him in 2005 with his Mercedes-Benz and blamed the three fried potatoes he had just consumed. His unpredictable outbursts occurred in 1997 after he was expelled from East 17 for advocating ecstasy, saying that the drug made him a ‘better person’.

She claimed to have taken 12 ecstasy tablets and still drive home safely.

Concerns about Brian’s well-being and his public work with ex-fiancee Danniella Westbrook kept the singer in the headlines after the explosion of his music career, which included unsuccessful comebacks with East 17 and his solo career venture. As a matter of fact, former EastEnders star Danniella, who has been dating Brian for three years in the nineties, was recently branding her ex-partner as a ‘paranoid coke man’ on social media.

Danniella also accused Brian of firing Channel 4 soap from Hollyoaks in 2015, following their joint campaign to ‘name and shame’ child abusers in the UK.

Brain accused Daniella of being linked to the ‘pedophile circle’ and also branded him as the ‘killer’.

It’s unconfirmed whether Danniella, 47, was involved in Brian’s recent misdemeanor posted on YouTube this morning.

Brain was heard questioning whether the officers were at his ‘sworn’ address and repeatedly asked, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’

He added: ‘That’s it, this is everyone … that’s it.

‘Everyone is here again, here again … they are here again.

Everyone is here again. They are here. Please can’t you touch this? Listen, you’re scaring me so much – what are you doing? ‘

“Come and chat?” One police officer told Brian. Asked. Speaking behind a metal door, Brain said, ‘I’m chatting, but please don’t -‘ Why do you want to enter my house? I’m being arrested, but why do you have to come to my house?

‘Listen, go away, get away, I will come with you; I promise, but please get away from my home.

No, you don’t stand that close – you don’t come to my house again. I’ll come with you, why are you doing this to me man?

Please, I need your protection. Look what’s happening to me, look how many people are here. What is this? Why are you doing this to me? ‘

The police announced that a malicious communication allegation was made against Brian, but they still refused to allow them to break into Brian’s property.

‘Malicious communication? Dude, will you kill me? You will jail and kill me for the queen. Joyful.

‘I know people, look at this … look at what they’ve done to me. You make me sick, first you’re here today for your vows, are you here for your oath?

“ Your oath to the queen to uphold the customary law of the country – your oath here today? I’m asking you. Given that Brian was filming, the officers were not ready to go into details, but the former singer chose two victims that he believed were instrumental in his arrest.

Eventually, after police said that Brian’s behavior worried them for his safety, he had to come with them – continuing to record the live stream and quit.

He said: ‘I’ll come with you right now. You are not going to my house. I do not agree with this, but I will go peacefully with you.

‘Will you stand back so I can come with you. What will you do with me? You’re gonna kill me, right? Joyful.’

Brian made another video for YouTube earlier this month and announced that the police were doing a ‘welfare check’ at his home.