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Brandon Theesfeld

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  • Brandon Theesfeld confessed to the 2019 homicide of Alexandria Kostial, in Oxford, Mississippi, and was condemned to life in jail
  • ‘Sorry for the aggravation I caused you,’ Theesfeld told the casualty’s family
  • Examiners say Kostial accepted she was pregnant with Theesfeld’s kid, and when she educated him regarding it, he shot her multiple times and dropped her body in a lake
  • He supposedly attempted to constrain Kostial to get an early termination, however she denied
  • Clinical analyst records show that she was not pregnant at the hour of her passing
  • The supplication bargain permits Theesfeld to stay away from capital punishment in Mississippi.

Who Is Brandon Theesfeld?

Alexandria Kostial Murder Case

An ex-University of Mississippi understudy has confessed and been condemned to life in prison for lethally shooting his on-and-off sweetheart Ally Kostial, multiple times in the stomach in July 2019 after she messaged him uncertain pregnancy test results.

Brandon Theesfeld, confessed to first degree murder of the 21-year-old understudy in a Lafayette County court on Friday and in doing as such avoided a potential capital punishment.

Brandon Theesfeld Age

He Is 24 Year Old.

Ole Miss student has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 21-year-old girlfriend Ally Kostia, who she thought would ruin her life for ‘who told her she was pregnant with her baby’.

The ex-understudy will be qualified for discharge when he turns 65 and was noticeably enthusiastic in court when he was sorry to his casualty’s family and his own. He neglected to concede why he killed her.

Clinical analyst records show that Kostial’s pregnancy test was uncertain and that she was not pregnant at the hour of her death.Theesfeld told the Kostial family, ‘Upset for the aggravation I caused you. I wish I could take it back if I would take it back. I trust you can think that it is in your souls to excuse me.

Kosital’s family given an assertion saying they trusted Theesfeld considers Alexandria each time his cell entryway hammers, Fox 13 announced.

‘My activities have always transformed you and my family’s lives. I wish I could take everything back except I can’t. There is no reason for my activities and I have asked God for pardoning. I trust one day that you will see it in your heart to pardon me,’ he added.

‘I’d prefer to say this is a blended day for Ally and everyone realizes that Ally significantly affected this local area and that is the thing that we might want for the local area to recollect and her loved ones,’ Vic Haislip, a lawyer for Kostial’s family said. Lafayette County Assistant District Attorney Mickey Mallet said Theesfeld had compelled Kostial to get a fetus removal, yet she would consistently pull out.

Examiners said Theesfeld figured the pregnancy would destroy his life, so said he returned home to Dallas, Texas, to get his guns and killed Kostial in her Oxford, Mississippi, home.

On Friday, Theesfeld’s attorney, Tony Farese introduced a psychological assessment of his customer from October, not really settled he was normal and skilled to bear preliminary.

In any case, Farese, contended that medications and liquor had an influence into his customer’s conduct, Fox revealed. Cohorts and companions say Theesfeld and Kostial had been in an ‘temperamental’ hit or miss, relationship since 2016, their first year.

Dear companions of Kostial disclosed to DailyMailTV the co-ed from Kirkwood, Missouri, accepted she was pregnant with Theesfeld’s youngster and had revealed to him the news in a matter of seconds before she was killed.

Records of Theesfeld’s web history uncovered that he had explored early termination pills and administrations that time.

On July 16, 2019, ‘Theesfeld composed in looks for silencers and silencers, empty point ammo, strategic facemasks, and how Ted Bundy baited his casualties to death,’ detailed the DarkHorse Press from the court in Lafayette.

After two days on July 18, he messaged his on-off sweetheart to meet and inquired as to whether she was home alone.

They said Theesfeld headed to Kostial’s home on July 20, 2019, and shot her multiple times, with ballistics from the weapon coordinating with a 40 type Glock he claimed.

Her body was found in a lake 30 miles for the school grounds.

Theesfeld supposedly informed his family the next day to say he was ‘an awful individual,’ who consistently had terrible musings and that this was reasonable the end for him.

‘We unquestionably don’t really accept that that he hijacked Ally we think this was a situation that elaborate liquor and medications. Partner had been drinking the entire day and had utilized cocaine. I accept that without liquor and medication use for Brandon’s sake this could never have occurred,’ Farese said.