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The child hunter is wanted by police after authorities say he used his dog to lure children on the streets of New York.

Brandon Rodriguez tried to lure at least three underage girls into an apartment building on May 24 and 25. Monday, according to CCTV footage released by the force on Monday.
Authorities said Rodriguez approached a 13-year-old girl near Osborn Street and Pitkin Avenue that same day and asked her to take a picture with her dog.

Brandon Rodriguez Age

He Is 25 Year Old

Brandon Rodriguez Arrested Investigation, Creep Accused Of Using Dogs To Lure Young Girls

Rodriguez is accused of acting in a way that harms the child and serving an illegal prison sentence.

Police said the investigation was ongoing, leaving open the possibility of raising the charges.

Rodriguez was wanted on at least three cases in Brownsville last week.

In the first instance, Rodriguez allegedly approached a 13-year-old girl near Osborn Street and Pitkin Avenue near Osborn Street and Pitkin Avenue on May 24 at around 7.40 am and asked her to take a picture of him with his dog, according to police.

Police said the suspect then drove him into an apartment that he had inappropriately touched.
Rodriguez allegedly prevented her from leaving by snatching her backpack and placing a dog at the door of the building.

The next day, Rodriguez is accused of trying to lure two more girls, ages 12 and 11, using the same disturbing scheme, according to the cops.

Police said both victims fled when Rodriguez tried to take them to the apartments.

Police believe she has a Husky and possibly a second, smaller dog of an unknown breed.