Brad Rukstales Illinois CEO Apologizes After Arrest at Capitol Riot & More Facts

Brad Rukstales Illinois CEO

Brrad Rukstales, an Illinois businessman who served as CEO of a data analytics company, was among those arrested in Washington, D.C., for raiding the US Capitol on January 6. Forbes reports that police officer Brian Sicknick died during the melee.

Rukstales admitted entering the Capitol building and apologized for his “bad judgment”. However, in an interview with CBS Chicago, he insisted it was non-violent. “I have nothing to do with blaming anyone,” Rukstales said. “I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I regret my share in it.

As of this writing, it was not yet clear what specific charges Rukstales might face. Federal officials said that those involved in the Capitol rebellion “provocative conspiracy, rebellion and uprising,

Rukstales traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the rally that President Trump promoted for weeks. As the New York Times reported, Trump encouraged his supporters to protest as lawmakers gathered to confirm the electoral college victory of Joe Biden, who was elected President on January 6. Trump has repeatedly made false claims that he was stolen from him in the weeks leading up to the election, and on December 19 he tweeted to his supporters that the “massive protest on January 6 in D.C.” would be “crazy”.

Since his arrest, Rukstales has deleted or cleaned his social media accounts. However, CBS told Chicago that he did not expect violence. “It was great to see a group of people together in the morning and hear the conversation, but it turned into chaos.

WGN-TV reported that Rukstales was arrested on January 6, but it was not immediately clear where he was detained. Name, Washington, D.C. or in the online search of recent prisoner records for Virginia and is not listed in the federal prisoner system. The Rukstales case has not been entered in the database of federal court cases as of this writing.

Rukstales was not detained for too long. He returned to Inverness, a suburb of Chicago, on January 7. CBS Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar spoke briefly to Rukstales outside his home. Rukstales expressed regret that he was there and insisted that he was not violent. But when the reporter asked why he chose to enter the Capitol, Rukstales ended the interview.

According to public records on the Federal Election Commission website, Rukstales has personally donated about $ 30,000 to support Republican causes since October 2019. His donations included at least $ 12,000 to support President Trump’s re-election efforts.

FEC records show that Rukstales made regular contributions to WinRed, a political action committee set up to support conservative candidates. PAC has raised nearly $ 2 billion since 2019, according to Center for Responsive Politics.

Rukstales, Republican National Committee, Trump to Make America Great Again Committee and President, Inc. donated privately to Donald J. Trump for He donated $ 2,250 to Jeanne Ives, who used to serve in the Illinois House of Representatives and lost a U.S. Representative offer. Seat in the 2020 elections. Rukstales also gave $ 500 to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s re-election campaign