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Who Is Bobby Healey (Hiker)? Wiki, Bio, Body Found, Missing, Age, Many more Facts You Need To Know

Bobby Healey (Hiker) Wiki

American Fork Canyon probably kidnaps hiker: Authorities
An avid hiker, Bobby Healey has been missing since Sunday.

Bobby Healey Age

He Was 28 Year old.

Bobby Healey Missing, Body Found Investigation

Authorities said the body found Tuesday in the American Fork Canyon in Utah was 28-year-old Bobby Healey, who disappeared on a hike on Sunday.

It looks like Healey has fallen, the Utah County Sheriff’s Sergeant. Spencer Cannon told ABC News. Clearly he was severely traumatized in his body, ”Cannon said,“ There is no indication that this is anything but an event. “The body was discovered near the parking lot where Healey’s car was dropped off,” Cannon said. Everything’s pointing. It’s because it’s Bobby, ”he said.

According to his family, Cannon, Healey was an avid hiker who often went on day trips.

“His family wasn’t worried until Monday when they couldn’t get to him,” Cannon said.

Cannon said the identity will be confirmed by a medical doctor on Wednesday.




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