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Bobbie Jo Stinnett Wiki – More Facts

Bobbie Jo Stinnett is the woman who was killed by Lisa Montgomery when she was eight months pregnant in 2004. Montgomery was executed in Indiana on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, becoming the first woman to be federally executed in more than 67 years. Baby Victoria Jo survived, and Montgomery pretended the boy was her own.

52-year-old Montgomery was found guilty of abduction and death. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection for strangling Stinnett and subsequently cutting his baby from his womb in Skidmore, Missouri, on December 16, 2004. Montgomery was executed at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana. According to the Associated Press, Montgomery lived in Melvern, Kansas, 170 miles from Stinnett.


Law enforcement located Victoria Jo the day after her mother’s death and her own birth. The authorities issued an Amber Alert for the baby, not knowing whether he was dead or alive and not knowing what the baby looked like. Randy Strong, who was part of the northwest Missouri major case team at the time, told The Associated Press that he found the baby with Montgomery.

“As we crossed the threshold, our Amber Alert was advancing on TV at that moment”.

The AP reported that Strong was “relieved” when Montgomery delivered the baby. She had spent the previous night without sleeping and looking at the case in hopes of finding Stinnett’s daughter alive. Investigators received clues about Montgomery in the hours after the murder. “She had a story of imitating their pregnancy and suddenly she had a baby.” On his way to Montgomery’s home, 170 miles from Stinnett’s home in Skidmore, Missouri, he learned the email address used to arrange a meeting with Stinnett to buy a puppy from Montgomery’s house.

Victoria Jo is Now 16 Years Old and Raised by Her Father Zeb

According to The Sun, Victoria Jo is raised by her father Zeb Stinnett with the help of other family members. She returned to December 16, 2004 she. That day, his father sent a thank you message to Randy Strong, one of the lead investigators of the case.

“I just cried,” Strong told The Associated Press. “Whether he’s in his nightmares or someone is going to call and interview him, he’ll keep reminding him of this. The family does not want to be interviewed. They want to be alone. The Skidmore community has a troubled past and past. They didn’t want this. They did not deserve this. ”

According to The Sun, Federal attorney Matt Whitworth also said, “Every time you celebrate Victoria’s birthday, it will also be the anniversary of her mother’s murder – every year for the rest of her life.”

41 According to Action News, Victoria Jo reminds Stinnett’s friends and family of her mother. Jena Baumli, Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s friend, told the news outlet that she hoped Stinnett’s children and her children would grow up together.

“It hurts my heart,” Baumli said. “Lisa took many of our dreams from us. Bobbie Jo and our kids play together, go to school or do things we did when we were kids. ”

Baumli and Stinnett went to high school together. She said she hoped Montgomery’s execution would bring peace and closeness to Stinnett’s loved ones.

“Bobbie Jo was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet,” she said. I guess saying “bad things always happen to good people” was one of them. ”

Victoria Jo’s family successfully protected her from media attention. Stinnett never spoke publicly about the murder or Montgomery’s mother, according to the Associated Press.

“He got emotional,” according to The Sun, after Zeb Stinnett reunited with his daughter. “But I just take care of [baby], take it, and that usually does.”

Zeb Stinnett was the person who named her daughter. She said it was a “miracle”.

Victoria Jo was discharged from the hospital the night before her mother’s funeral.

The baby is fine. “The baby is going great,” said US Attorney General Todd Graves.

Montgomery Pretended Victoria Jo Was Her Baby in an Attempt to Keep Custody of Her Children


At Montgomery’s trial, prosecutors said that snatching Stinnett’s baby was part of his plan to maintain custody of their children. She had a history of lying about pregnancies and claimed that she was pregnant again at the time of the murder. According to the Associated Press, Montgomery’s ex-husband knew she had a procedure to prevent her from getting pregnant again, and she planned to release that information at an upcoming detention hearing.

Instead, Montgomery devised a plan to leave Stinnett’s baby her own. After strangling Stinnett and cutting Victoria Jo from her womb, she showed the baby. The Associated Press reported that Montgomery called her husband and asked to pick him up from Long John Silver’s parking lot in Topeka, Kansas. She told her that she gave birth in a nearby birth center earlier that day.

Montgomery eventually confessed to the murder to the authorities. The rope he used to drown Stinnett and the kitchen knife he used to cut the baby from his body were found in his car. Law enforcement found that Montgomery used her computer to investigate caesarean sections and order a birth kit.