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Who Was Bethan Roper ?

Bethan Roper heard a yellow warning label wasn’t a sufficient deterrent, a plan to install an advanced warning sign had not yet materialized when she was killed, and further expert inspection of the tree may have avoided further expert inspection of the tree. Tragedy A young woman slithering out the window of a high-speed train died from an overhanging tree branch, the investigation concluded.

Bethan Roper, suffered a fatal head injury while traveling at 75 miles per hour on a Great Western Railroad train.

She was returning home in South Wales on 1 December 2018, after a day of Christmas shopping with friends in Bath.

The GWR London Paddington to Exeter service used wagons with drop-light windows fitted with outer handles to allow passengers to disembark from the platform.

Bethan Roper Age

She Was 28 Year Old.

Bethan Roper Woman killed by tree branch after sticking head out of window on high-speed train, Investigation

Investigators told the hearing that a yellow warning sticker that read “Caution: do not lean out of the window while the train is moving” was not a sufficient deterrent. The investigation heard that in August 2016, GWR had completed a risk assessment of its drop-light windows after a passenger died leaning out of a train window in South London.

This resulted in a plan to install advanced warning signs with a red background by May 2018 – but that did not happen when Ms. Roper was killed seven months later. The autopsy determined that Ms. Roper, who had blood alcohol levels nearly twice the drink-driving limit, died of head injuries.

The investigation also heard that the ash tree that killed it was inspected in 2009 and 2012 as part of a five-year cycle by Network Rail, which is responsible for managing roadside vegetation.

The Avon coroner’s court in Bristol heard that the tree had grown 16.4 feet from the rail and was colonized by wood-rotting fungi.
In February 2017, the branch that killed Ms. Roper fell on the railroad track and was standing on a fence.

More expert reviews may have averted the tragedy, one expert said. An investigative jury said: “Despite a warning sign as the train moved, a drop of light leaned out of its window.”
Avon’s senior coroner, Maria Voisin, said she would not report on future death prevention after hearing that the Mk 3 trainers were being phased out.

Ms Roper, from Penarth, worked for the Welsh Refugee Council charity and was president of Young Socialists Cardiff.