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Six-year-old Abigail Luckett is able to talk to her family after she is removed from the ventilator.
She fell into a frozen pond while playing with his 10-year-old brother Benjamin.
Benjamin quickly jumped after his younger sister to save him from dying.
The two were taken out of the water and hospitalized, but Benjamin died.
A six-year-old girl is recovering in hospital two days after crashing into a frozen pond that killed her 10-year-old brother while trying to save her in Tennessee.

According to the family pastor, Abigail Luckett is able to talk to her family after she is taken off the ventilator on Tuesday.

10-year-old Benjamin Luckett and 10-year-old were playing near a frozen pond near their home in Millington, Shelby County, Sunday, when the six-year-old suddenly broke ice and fell into freezing water.

Benjamin jumped after his younger sister to save her, but neither could climb out of the water. Other siblings rushed to help, and the boys’ father, Robert Luckett, was able to pull Abigail out of the water – but Benjamin, of Leawood Eastern Baptist Church in Cordova, Tennessee, couldn’t reach Pastor Stacey Stilgenbauer, he told Wreg.com. .

Shelby County firefighters rushed to the scene and managed to get Benjamin out of the water.

The couple was taken to the nearby Le Bonheur Children’s hospital, where Benjamin was reported to have died. He said that Benjamin was trying to keep him above the water the best he could say. That’s why it’s an incredible sacrifice he was willing to make to save his little sister, ‘said Pastor Stilgenbauer.

Abigail is now recovering in the hospital and “seems to be doing well”, according to Stilgenbauer. The family is stunned by the support they have received from the local population since the tragic event.

Christine told me several times to get people to thank you. To tell them we are very grateful for the prayers, ‘said the priest.

A family friend created a GoFundMe Page to help with medical and funeral expenses.

Since the incident, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has warned residents of the dangers surrounding frozen ponds, ponds, and lakes.

The statement said ‘Ice is not thick enough to carry your weight’. Stay safe during these dangerous winter days.

As a winter storm swept Tennessee and other parts of the United States, the death toll reached 23 on Tuesday night.

More than 3.5 million Texans are still impotent, which sparked growing anger and last year Republican leaders mocked California for the growing cuts of the Democratic-led state demanding answers to how Texas passed such a big test. . state pride: energy independence.

The storm, which suppressed power grids and immobilized the Southern Plains, carried heavy snow and freezing rain to New England and the Deep South, leaving painfully low temperatures. Wind-cold warnings extended from Canada to Mexico.

More bad weather was expected, including freezing rain on Tuesday night, and a new winter storm was expected in the south and east of the country in the next two days.

The cold spell has already raised snow cover to an all-time high in 48 states in North America. Official data show that snow currently covers 73.2 percent of the region, with an average depth of 6 inches; only 35.5 percent a year ago covered an average of 4.6 inches of snow.