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Police said two women were killed in a gunfight in Louisiana on January 13 as part of a murder scheme to silence a rape victim, although none of the two murder victims were the target of the plan. In a press release on February 1, the Sheriff’s Bureau of Terrebonne Congregation announced that Beaux Cormier, previously arrested for third-degree rape of his nephew, hired two of his friends to try to kill the rape victim.

The sheriff’s office stated that a murder victim named Cormier’s sister, Brittany, “was killed as a result of telling the hitman that he was actually the rape victim, and possibly saved the life of the actual rape victim”. Authorities said fellow victim Hope Nettleton visited Brittany at her home and was fatally shot after trying to fight the gunman.
According to prison records, Cormier and the two men he held, Andrew Eskine and Dalvin Wilson, were in custody and all three were charged with first-degree murder twice.

Cormier Convicted Sex Criminal and Hired 2 Friends to Kill Rape Victim, Niece

Terrebonne Congregation Sheriff Tim Soignet announced that authorities responded to a residence at 103 Montegut St on January 13, 2021, and that both Brittany Cormier and 37-year-old Nettleton were found dead from bullet wounds.

He said detectives had learned that Beaux Cormier had previously been arrested at Vermillion Parish and was charged with the third-degree rape of his nephew, a case still ongoing. Soignet added that Cormier was a sexually guilty convict. Authorities found that 35-year-old Cormier hired two friends, Andrew Eskine and Dalvin Wilson, to kill the rape victim and compensated them both financially.

Authorities say all three people traveled to Montegut, Louisiana to monitor the house, and that “they attempted to commit the murder in a previous incident but failed”. On January 13, Oldine was working out of town but organized the vehicle for the crime committed by Wilson. According to the press release, the incident was investigated with the help of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Vermillion Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Eunice Police Department and the City of Eunice Field Marshal Office.

The lawyer wrote that Brittany Cormier was remembered by her friends as a “devoted, loving mother”, and that her actions probably saved her daughter’s life. Her friend Samantha LeMaire told the exit: “She would do anything for her children. But to this extent? I never thought it would get to this point. ”

She said that Brittany Cormier is like an older sister who will be the maid of honor at her upcoming wedding. She looked a lot like the life of the party, with her own funny and unique style. He made you love him and he never judged anyone, ”said LeMaire. She said she had never spoken about her brother, Beaux Cormier.

The lawyer reported that Brittany Cormier’s daughter and stepdaughter were hiding in a closet when the murders were committed, citing the sheriff and LeMaire. “Maybe they hid in the closet out of fear,” LeMaire said to the exit. “But I think you locked them in the closet to protect them.