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Barry Morphew is the landscaper husband of Suzanne Morphew, a mother of two in Colorado, who was accused of murdering her after she disappeared on a Mother’s Day bike ride.

Morphew has been positioned as a grieving husband while searching for his missing wife for a year, even recording a video to Suzanne saying “I want you badly back”.

Barry Morphew Age

He Is 53 Year Old

Barry Morphew Arrested, Investigation & More Facts

Authorities were unable to find the body of the 49-year-old woman from Colorad, but they arrested her husband almost a year before his death, the day he disappeared without a trace, after a neighbor told Suzanne that she was riding a bike near the couple. 1.5 million dollar house in Salida, Colorado. According to prison records, 53-year-old Barry Lee Morphew is being held in Chaffee County Prison.

“I wouldn’t have accused myself if I wasn’t confident,” Chaffee County District Attorney Linda Stanley said at a press conference when asked about the strength of the case. However, the authorities gave no details about what made Suzanne suspect her husband or even death.

“It was the result of our research last year,” said Sheriff John Spezze. “We believe he is not alive. We are in the process of filing a first degree murder case.”

Morphew is now accused of murder after the negotiation; tampering with physical evidence and trying to influence a public official.
Founded to assist with search efforts, “Please help raise funds for the search for Suzanne Morphew. Suzanne, 49, from Chaffee County, has been missing since Sunday 10 May. She left home to cycle near County Road 225 and West Highway 50 and did not return. There are extensive search and rescue operations performed by the County Sheriff’s Office and Volunteers. ”Barry Morphew is listed as a member of the fundraising team.

The sheriff said the authorities did not expect any further arrests in the case. The sheriff told the press conference that Barry was “detained near his home” in Poncha Springs around 9:15 am on May 5, 2021.

The prosecutor said the authorities thought they knew the scenario that was happening, but without the body, they would not be able to explain the cause of death. VATR-TV obtained the video of Morphew’s arrest on the roadside where his truck was filmed, and you can see this video here and below:


Morphew defended his right to a lawyer when the authorities tried to question him, they said.

The sheriff said thousands of hours of research went into what he called “an extensive research study” to find the mother who disappeared on May 10, 2020.

“We have issued more than 135 search warrants in Colorado and interviewed more than 400 people in multiple states,” the sheriff said, adding that inspectors have studied more than 1,400 clues.

In early April, they took the case to the DA in a few hours’ presentation, outlining all the evidence they had gathered. The prosecutor’s office examined this and decided to indict it. Spezze described it as “an important journey to achieve justice for Suzanne and her family.”

According to online records, Barry Morphew has ties with a landscape company.
A cloud of community suspicion caused continued interest in his life last year.

“Barry was photographed with a mysterious woman on two separate occasions in February,” while having dinner one time, according to the Daily Mail.

Suzanne’s friend Tisha Leewaye said she understood whether she suspected Barry before she was arrested, according to the Denver Channel.

“We had invited him to many activities we were bringing together and they rejected it each time,” said Leewaye. “When I got the news this morning, it was a good feeling that he was thrown behind bars. But it’s still not over. We have to go through the case, the trial, everything, But still we have to find it. It still needs rest and is not there yet. ”
Chaffee County Sheriff Spezze said at a press conference that she wanted to talk briefly about Suzanne. He said he didn’t know him personally, but “now I feel like I know Suzanne quite well.”

According to Spezze, he loved the couple’s two daughters and “there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them.”

“Suzanne had a passion for life, and she lived it to the full,” said the sheriff. “It was easy to love Suzanne and she was dearly loved by her closest friends. People like Suzanne are a rare find. He described “Barry’s arrest as” an important milestone in this investigation “.

Online records show that Suzanne established a nonprofit organization called Suzanne R. Morphew Hope Foundation to help children in need, but it is unclear how active this foundation is.

“This is the hardest thing,” his nephew Trevor Noel told Alan Gionet of CBS4. “He’s a beloved member of his family and the sweetest person you know.”

In September 2020, Morphew’s brother conducted a voluntary search to try to find him. Andrew Moorman told the Denver Channel: “My sister was killed. And it was hidden in a three and a half hour window. So – I can draw a circle on this and I can tell you it’s inside this circle. And this is what I knew it was. ”
Morphews lived in a wealthy area considered to be so safe, most people didn’t bother to lock their doors.

Journalist Amber Jo Cooper wrote on Twitter at the time Suzanne’s disappearance: “I spoke to a few neighbors who didn’t know Suzanne personally, but say it’s a very safe area and most people in the city don’t even lock their doors. They say nothing like this happens, they are aware of it. They say there are bike trails in the area. ”

Some clues have emerged. According to the Daily Mail, his bike was found on a bridge near his home and a personal item, possibly a bicycle helmet, was found. The Daily Mail reported that her husband claimed that an animal attacked him, was abducted, or had a bicycle accident, and gave his wife changing theories about what happened.

CBS reported that it was his nephew who discovered the bike; The sheriff said the animal attack was unlikely even before he was arrested.

The sheriff’s office said five days after Suzanne’s disappearance, a personal item believed to belong to Morphew was found “just west of County Road 225 and Highway 50” and prompted searchers to investigate the area. But his body was never found, and they never said what it was.

Morphew was alone at the time of his arrest and was arrested without incident. The Daily Mail reported that Morphew now lives in a modest apartment and continues to work on the landscaping business.

The sheriff said citizens in the county “want answers and want justice for Suzanne”.

Stanley confirmed that “the investigation is still pending.” His body was not found. We are still looking at him. Barry Morphew is presumed innocent. He said that “the arrest statement” is currently sealed. We cannot talk about an open and active investigation. ”

Suzanne filled the Facebook page with photos of her daughters and Barry. Someone in a photo of Suzanne and Barry taken in 2018 said, “It was made for each other! 💞 ”she wrote.

A friend declared her beauty in a photo and asked how she didn’t age. “Thank you … You are so kind! 😘 God is So Beautiful !!” Suzanne answered.

In 2015, a friend wrote on a photo of Barry kissing on Suzanne’s cheek: “The two of you are so cute !!!” The photo of the couple seemed to show a loving relationship.

The couple previously lived in Indiana. Barry listed Alexandria, Indiana as his hometown on the now-deleted Facebook page and said he joined Purdue University.

Their daughters are young.

According to property records, the Morphews moved to Colorado in 2018 and lived in Arcadia, Indiana. They sold their home for $ 895,000, according to a post he posted on Facebook. However, the property records at the time of his disappearance said he was not sold. They bought their home in Colorado for $ 1.5 million in 2018. It came with 7 acres of land, according to property records.