Who Is Bailey Breedlove ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Six Flags Too Short Shorts TikTok Video, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Bailey Breedlove Wiki – Biography

Bailey Breedlove is a mother from Colorado, USA.

She was in the news this week after She claimed he was “ashamed by the body” by police at Six Flags Amusement Park in Oklahoma, USA.
Oklahoma’s mom, Bailey Breedlove, claims she was kicked out of the Oklahoma City Six Flags amusement park for wearing too short shorts, and recorded this in a TikTok video she posted on Facebook. You can watch the video later in this article.

Bailey Breedlove Six Flags Too Short Shorts TikTok Viral Video

Breedlove Writes Six Flags Experience Was “Traumatic”

Bailey Breedlove wrote about the incident on Facebook. In an update, Breedlove said, “Update: We spoke with the captain of the Oklahoma police department and he told us this was NOT an Oklahoma City police officer.” He wrote. The young mother lives in Durango, Colorado, according to her Facebook page.
Six Flags has a different story, according to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and he says that Breedlove was kicked out not for his shorts, but because of his behavior against the guards. However, the amusement park admitted that he was approached first as his shorts showed some of his hips and gave him a chance to change or cover it up.

Breedlove says she is autistic in the post. Mission dated May 2, 2021

“This was my experience with six flags,” Breedlove began the mission. “At least I’m trying to get my money back and let everyone know about their” policies. ”

She later wrote a long statement in letter form to the popular amusement park. She wrote:

Hello there. I was in your park on April 30th, 21st. My experience there was traumatic. I bought tickets and parking space online, which cost a lot of money. My family and I welcome you to your park at 17:00. We were having fun, enjoying the strolls and spending money on what we thought would be a great vacation destination in Oklahoma City. Around 7 in the evening, my daughter was shouted by a park police right next to me as she was rolling down a hill on her heels, I was holding her hand. Then he started following me and grabbed my shoulder and turned to me and told me that my shorts were ‘too short.’ I didn’t commit a crime because I was authoritative and had trouble talking to the officers, and I started walking to my boyfriend. . She followed me to shout and call support she. Then your incompetent manager came and started to embarrass me. I was told I had to buy new shorts, I was told I didn’t have to buy anything I didn’t want. Later, when I agreed to buy new shorts so my family could enjoy their vacation, I was threatened with rape by criminals. I was then pushed and escorted towards the entrance. Accepting this, we were about to leave and was prevented from leaving by your female officer and took off her handcuffs and asked for my ID. When we ask the possible reason, their answer is ‘because they’re the police.’ It happened. At this point we started recording so we have video of illegal tactics. They didn’t give us the badge numbers and I was terrified when I was about to go to jail for a pair of shorts. Your officers made my 11-year-old daughter cry hysterically, thinking her mother was about to be arrested. Your policies are vague and confusing, and the way your body takes shame and discrimination is illegal. I paid a lot of money in your park for our family vacation and I believe I deserve the repayment of my family trauma with a pair of shorts on a hot day. I won’t let this go as it’s 2021, not secondary school. The Oklahoma police department and a lawyer were contacted. I currently have a 5-year ban, but I will not go back to your parks if you treat women and law-abiding citizens and visitors this way. You should be ashamed of yourself.

A guy in the video accuses him of being “disorderly”. Breedlove replies, “I’m angry dude, I see all kinds of people there.”

“They say your shorts are too small,” says a man from Breedlove in the video. The little daughter is crying. The woman then asks for her identity.
In a statement to McClatchy News, Six Flags said “ wants guests to wear clothes that fit our family-friendly environment and expect guests to behave in a family-friendly way. Offensive or offensive behavior or profanity or abusive language or gestures are not tolerated and may result in a guest being removed from the park. ”

The statement continued,

“The guest was initially stopped as her shorts exposed a significant portion of his hips,” the theme park said in a statement. She was given many opportunities to change it or cover it up, but he refused. Instead, She responded with swearing and aggressive behavior, including exposing more of his hips. The guest was removed from the park after refusing to stop his rebellious and aggressive behavior targeting the police and other park guests. The video clip this guest posted online does not fully describe his behavior during this event. ”

Six Flags has a dress code. “We want you to dress daily and comfortably, but in line with our family-friendly environment and for health and safety reasons, Six Flags America strictly enforces a dress code. Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times, including shirts and appropriate shoes at the park. “Clothing containing clothing is never allowed (shirts cannot be reversed as a solution). Swimwear can only be worn at Hurricane Harbor waterpark. Entry to the park may be denied if the clothing is deemed unsuitable,” says the website.