Bahaa Kadum Wiki – Jailed, Investigation

The home intruder woke the couple using the toilet at 3am and then threatened to kill them
At 3am, Bahaa Kadum, 26, woke the frightened couple by climbing the stairs at their property in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, before going to the toilet to urinate.

An intruder was jailed in a house that used a couple’s toilet and then threatened to kill them both. Bahaa Kadum, 26, woke the frightened couple by climbing the stairs at 3 o’clock before going to the toilet to urinate.

When one of the victims – a woman – saw the unwanted guest, she went out onto the landing to investigate the noise.

Later, she returned to the bedroom to wake up her boyfriend before they both asked repeatedly how she got into Kadum.

He ignored them and went downstairs to the kitchen and Kadum took out the largest knife in the house, then went up the stairs and told the woman that he would stab his partner – forcing him to flee.

While the attacker repeatedly threatened to kill him by knocking on the door, the man managed to lock himself in the bedroom. He jumped out of the first floor window and ran for help.

Kadum ran after the man but could not keep up with him and returned to the property where he held the woman hostage.

The Great Manchester Police (GMP) has repeatedly threatened to kill both himself and himself.

The woman’s boyfriend ran half a mile down the road and managed to get help from a passerby who could call the police. Officers then quickly arrived at the scene in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, and Kadum was arrested.

The strange incident occurred on October 20 last year.

Ashton-under-Lyne’s Kadum was sentenced to five years and three months in Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court today.

He sentenced his crime to false imprisonment once and twice threatened to kill.

GMP’s DC Simon Cook said: “This was a terrible ordeal for both victims who feared their lives.” Fortunately, neither victim suffered any serious injuries that evening, but if the man were not there, the outcome might have been completely different. It can mark passers-by to warn the police.

“Kadum’s behavior that evening was erratic and disgusting, and he is a very dangerous individual.

“No one should be made to feel insecure in their own home, so I’m glad we could get this guy out of the streets and behind bars – he’ll have plenty of time to reflect on his actions here.”