Who Is Azam Mangori? Wiki, Bio (Found Guilty Of Murder) Many More Facts You Need To Know

Azam Mangori Wiki – Found Guilty Of Murder

This is the moment when a failed Iraqi asylum seeker obsessed with amputation is seen with a woman a few hours before she brutally murdered her and then ripped her body apart.

Azam Mangori, killed 32-year-old Lorraine Cox in her room above an Exeter kebab shop in September last year.

For a week, he divided her body into seven parts and threw her clothes and belongings into trash cans and woodlands.

Azam Mangori Age

24 Year Old

Azam Mangori found guilty of murder, More Facts You Need To Know

Marching to Death: The failed Iraqi asylum seeker, obsessed with amputation, was killed after being seen with the woman he had sex with and was divided into seven parts while convicted of murder.

  • Azam Mangori, 24, killed 32-year-old Lorraine Cox in her room above the kebab shop.
  • Iraqi citizen cut his body into seven parts for a week
  • The emotionless Mangori then took his phone to treat his friends as if he was still alive.

It is believed that Ms. Cox’s t-shirt may have been overwhelmed as it was found in her mouth.

After killing Ms. Cox, Mangori later used the SIM card in her mobile phone to claim that she was alive and was good for her family and friends.

They reported to the police that he had disappeared before the horrible truth was finally discovered.

Detectives solved the case after finding Cox’s CCTV at night walking with a mysterious man in the city center – later revealed as Mangori.

The footage is when Ms. Cox was last seen alive.

Police later discovered that Mangori mutilated Ms. Cox’s body before attempting to dump her in garbage bags.

After a four-week trial at the Royal Court of Exeter, Mangori, who did not have a fixed address, was convicted by a jury of murder today after six hours of negotiations.

He had previously made a separate charge to prevent Ms. Cox’s legal funeral.

Ms. Cox was last seen walking home from one night outside with friends at around 1.30 pm on September 1st.

Prosecutors said that a drunk Ms. Cox and Mangori had a ‘sexual encounter’ in an alley before returning to her apartment above Bodrum Kebab House.

Mangori, an unsuccessful asylum seeker who was likely to be deported from Iraq, remained a secret to his family for a week until he was arrested by detectives.

Later, they are seen on another CCTV walking up close together – this is the last time Cox was seen alive.

Lorraine’s body remained in the apartment until September 8. Mangori spent his first day looking at his belongings, logging into his phone, emails, and online social networks.

The prosecutor claimed he was trying to steal his money by opening a PayPal account.

Later that evening she shot a Snapchat video of her vaping in her bed and listening to music with the words ‘Angels deserve to die’.

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He responded to Lorraine’s anxious friends by pretending She was still alive and saying She had a fresh start in Plymouth.

The messages to his father, ‘Hey dad, I’m sorry. I’m in Plymouth. Please forgive me.’ Another: ‘I love you daddy. I’m changing my number. I’ll text you my new number. ‘

He deliberately imitated Lorraine using words like ‘Father’ to make false messages appear real.

The friends realized that Lorraine was not the respondent and gave up on the action on September 3 after the police were told that she had been called.

Prosecutor Simon Laws QC told the court that the defendant had a ‘sickly interest in amputation’ and looked at footage days before and after the murder.

Mr Laws said: ‘Considering the dates he has viewed this material, you may think it is clear that he was dealing with the matter before he needed any information.’

Mangori looked at videos of amputated people, as well as those with deformities in their legs and cramps in a woman’s lower leg.

‘You will undoubtedly want to consider whether it was this interest that motivated him to commit this murder,’ he said.

Mangori purchased it after viewing a website titled “How to dig a grave by hand”, including a trowel in a few days to dispose of Ms. Cox’s body.

A pathologist was unable to determine the cause of Ms. Cox’s death due to the length of time between her murder and the discovery of the remains.

Mangori, who provided evidence, told the jury that She died suddenly after having sex in his bedroom for drinking and using drugs.

He said he panicked when he realized he was lying dead on the floor and left him in his room for a few days before wrapping his body with plastic wrap, bin liners, and tape.

I just remember waking up like a nightmare. When I saw him I was very scared. I dragged him to my bed because it looked so cold, ‘he said.

Deep down I knew She was dead, but I thought he would wake up.

Detained, Mangori will be sentenced by Justice Garnham on April 7.

Lorraine Cox’s family said after the verdict: “We hope and pray that no other woman or family will experience the pain of our beautiful daughter, or that any other family will experience the cruel, harrowing experience we all have.

They said she was ‘the kindest, loving generous girl – the heartbeat of our family’.

Jim Colwell, Deputy Chief of Police for Devon and Cornwall, said: ‘The murder of Lorraine Cox was callous and brutal in nature, and the details of the crime uncovered at court will disturb most of our societies.

The way Azam Mangori took advantage of Lorraine’s vulnerability before killing her and ripping her body apart is an extremely disturbing crime.

‘Violence against all, especially violence against a vulnerable woman like Lorraine is disgusting.

The Devon and Cornwall Police, along with many parts of our society, highlight the threats that many women and girls now feel every day.

“We must understand and listen to those in our society who say they feel unsafe, and we must come together to change any culture of fear that might exist.”