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The new documentary series Guilty: A Mother at Court investigates the tragic case of a baby left outside in the cold in the middle of the night. The terrible incident took place on October 15, 2013, at around 9:30 am. The body of the baby girl was found by a man walking his dog in a park in a sleepy suburb of Anchorage, Alaska, and then called 911. The 24-year-old Virginia resident was charged with second-degree murder and sentenced to 99 years in prison. Eagle River members demanded death sentences for their crimes. Ashley’s husband, Kennard, who had sex with her a week before she gave birth, denied all of her knowledge about her pregnancy. During the entire legal case that was active for five years, Ashley divorced Kennard and remarried to Byron from Ohio and gave birth to another child.  That afternoon, paramedics responded to an injured woman, consistent with someone who may have given birth in a nearby home, and was taken to hospital. It was determined that the woman was 24-year-old Ashley Ard. Ashley has been branded by social media as “the most hated woman in Alaska”. Some even asked for the death penalty for what happened to her daughter. For five years during Ashley’s civil lawsuit – investigated in the new four-episode BBC Three documentary series Accused: A Mother On Trial – she was called “manipulative” by prosecutors charged with second-degree murder. However, the defense team detailed an abusive relationship that allegedly faced threats to Ashley’s life. An expert said postpartum psychosis and concealing pregnancy may be responsible.  Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Ashley Ard was first arrested for killing her daughter, before which she never had any legal trouble. She grew up in a religious family and enrolled in the Army after completing her graduation. During her time in the military, she met Kennard, who was a soldier. According to her friends and family, the couple’s relationship was unhappy and abusive. Dee Anne, Ashley’s colleague and her closest friend, stated that she had doubts about their relationship from the start after Kennard allegedly cheated on her multiple times. “She would call me in tears because she found clear proof that he was cheating, and she’d be like, ‘I’m done’, then she wouldn’t be done and they’d be back together… then he’d cheat again,” she said. “It was like, no one cheats this much… he didn’t even care enough to hide it. After she got pregnant, he was just so mean. I would be on the phone with her, and I would hear him in the background yelling, “You’re fat, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to eat everything in the house

A perfect storm of dysfunctional behaviour

Ashley Ard was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. She had never been in trouble with the law before she was arrested for killing her daughter. He grew up in a religious family and, after graduating from high school, he enlisted, where he served as a pastor’s assistant.

She met her future husband, Kennard, who was a soldier, in the army. Ashley – along with her family and friends – says the relationship eventually became unhappy and abusive. “He was going to call me in tears because he found clear evidence that he was cheating,” says a friend of Ashley. “Their relationship was a perfect whirlwind of dysfunctional behavior,” adds one of Kennard’s family members.


Ashley married Kennard in October 2011, despite worries about her infidelity. A month later, she got pregnant with her first child. The next summer, Kennard was sent to Afghanistan, his first tour of duty, and gave birth to Ashley alone. While her husband was away, Ashley decided to move to Virginia to be closer to her family. Ashley also admits that after the birth of her children – when Kennard was out of the country – she ran away with a boyfriend and became pregnant again. She considered having an abortion but eventually decided against her. She says that when her husband returned,


she noticed a change in her behavior and suspected that she was suffering from PTSD. He was angry, jumping into loud noises, flashing lights triggering him. “It wasn’t the same person,” she says. Ashley claimed that Kennard was lying under the bed with a gun and told her that if she got pregnant by someone else, she would kill her. Kennard admits to attacking Ashley once, but refuses to make the threats he blames her on. “He used to hold me and punch me,” says Kennard. “I couldn’t hit him back. “One night we argued about something, he slapped me and as a reflex I slapped him.” Several months after returning from Afghanistan, Kennard was sent to a military base in Alaska. Ashley decided to join her husband there, despite being pregnant from another man and alleged abuse. Kennard told police and documentary filmmakers that he didn’t know that his wife was pregnant. “He hid it and kept it very well,” she says. “Crazy things happen when you keep a secret.” She even told the police that she had regular sex with her wife during her pregnancy. When he questioned his weight gain, he told him it was about fibroids. Ashley hid her pregnancy from everyone in her life for nine months. Kennard had left the house the night before the baby was in the park, and he maintains that he didn’t know anything about the events that night until the next day.

In her memory, she confirmed that Kennard had nothing to do with the death of the baby, but she doesn’t know how she gave birth alone. “I remember holding him and putting him in bed,” he says. “After that, I remember getting him into my car, getting out of the garage door and putting him in the car. He was hugged, I remember that. “I remember telling him I’m sorry I can’t take care of you, but someone else will take care of you, but I can’t. “I remember saying I would see him in a store or see him at school and it was okay if he didn’t know who I was, but someone could look at him.”