who Is Apollo Legend Youtuber (Found Dead) Wiki, Bio, Facebook, Twitter, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Apollo Legend Youtuber (Found Dead) Wiki

YouTuber Benjamin Smith, popularly known as Apollo Legend, was found dead in his home by police on December 30, according to viral allegations made on social media. Although there were no updates from Smith’s family, his friend Daniel “Keemstar” Keem confirmed the death by committing suicide in a tweet.

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Choosing Your YouTuber friends DarkViperAU and EZScape as they pushed them across the border, Smith recorded a video before taking his life off. Although the video was removed by YouTube for violating the terms of service, it was leaked on many other platforms.

In the seven-minute video still available on Kiwifarms as a Mediafire add-on, Apollo Legend talked about his deteriorating mental and physical condition that pushed him to take an extreme step. At the beginning of the Apollo Legend video, he says, “This is the crazy guy. So, I don’t really want to record this video, but I know I have to. This is my last video and this is the end of my life.”

The Specter Report tweeted, confirming the news of his death: “And the latest update to @Apollo_Legend_ has gotten into the Police house. He’s now confirmed dead. No more is offered because of the cause of death or what they need. Tell your family to do everything right, but that’s it.” I can confirm. ”

YouTuber, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem tweeted: “I’m still waiting for official sources. But some organizations claim they have received confirmation that Apollo Legend was found dead in his home. This was the suicide video / letter he published. Suicide videos of all kinds to YouTube TOS.” Removed for contradiction. Apollo was a friend of YT. RIP! ”

Claiming to be a friend of the Apollo Legend, Videomaker Rwhitegoose said, “Rest in peace. You were a good friend of many of them Apollo. We will not forget you.”

Apollo Legend, DarkviperAU and EzScape Names

In a suicide note left behind, YouTuber blamed DarkviperAU and EzScape for the final step towards taking the extreme.

“The Speedrun community is so hypocritical. They pretend to care a lot about everyone’s feelings, and then in the same video they call you idiot asshole. I know I disclose it for cheating people, but I said something like that. They say they agree with me privately and then publicly betray me,” .

Police Investigation

Reports show that the police broke into his house and confirmed he died. While there is no publicly disclosed cause of death, Apollo Legend previously posted a suicide video. In the seven-minute video, Apollo Legend revealed deteriorating mental health and medical conditions that would put him in hospital. Speedrunner stated that he chose to commit suicide rather than be hospitalized.

In the confession, Apollo Legend also accused YouTuber friends DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him aside and past the break point. Both YouTubers had made videos accusing Apollo Legend of being a liar and making up details about YouTube’s advertising revenue. They also scoffed at the claim that he made up stories about other fast runners.

Apollo Legend was frequently reviewed for its video applications. He lost a lawsuit in 2019 after he was sued by Billy Mitchell for using audio and video recordings he had shot at an event held in Florida. Video recordings captured Mitchell lying about the Donkey Kong speed run, but it was determined that the Apollo Legend’s secret recordings were made illegally. Some people in the fast running community have also questioned the validity of the Apollo Legend’s claims.Apollo Legend has also been criticized for standing up for another speed runner RWhiteGoose after being banned from Awesome Games Done Quick game. After RWhiteGoose was banned for continuing to defend white supremacy and making racist comments, Apollo Legend decided to make a video in defense of the controversial sprinter. Apollo Legend accuses AGDQ of banning “different views” in video

After all the controversy, Apollo Legend is off YouTube. He hasn’t shot videos or used social media much since the summer of 2019.

Despite the controversy he found, the majority of the fast-running community was still upset and shocked by the apparent suicide. Some even tried to blame DarkViperAU and EZScape for the death of Apollo Legend. DarkViperAU reportedly kept most of its videos private following these events.