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A terrible driver with multiple crimes can escape criminal charges despite allegedly killing a child in his car. 32 Shared Samentha Toussaint will be charged for the death of 11 Anthony Reznik on February 10 in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Toussaint passed in the red light and his Mercedes crashed into Anthony while skateboarding at the crosswalk, the teenager died almost a month after life support last week. The girl’s word, Tatiana Reznik, told WFOR that eyewitnesses saw her dancing behind the wheel at moments leading up to the collision, and with the force of the blow, Anthony flew through the air. However, according to the Miami Herald, Florida law means that causing an accident by passing through the red light is necessarily a criminal offense, and prosecutors may find it difficult to accuse Toussaint of serious unintentional manslaughter as a result.
To do this, they must find factors that aggravate the collision, along with their fellow killers who had previously escaped accused of the same problem by downloading the other killer. In traffic lawsuits, criminal defense attorney Michael Catalano explained: “Running in the red light is never enough to make an accusation, but it may be enough if you add other factors such as texting, road diversion or drag racingbThese cases are always very specific. It must be such a bad behavior that everyone knows that this behavior will kill someone.

Toussaint did not drink any alcohol or spirits in the accident – but his supposed dancing could have been thought of as distracted driving as a beacon of hope to Anthony’s family. Judd Cohen, the lawyer representing Anthony’s family, outlined the possible case against Toussaint and says: “Speed ​​is running red – and the witness says there is dancing in the car.” I don’t know this is a deadly weapon. She wields a deadly weapon where there are children. ‘There must be responsibility.’ Anthony’s grieving mother, Inna Trakhtenburg, also asked Toussaint to be blamed and said: ‘It must understand that he is responsible for this sorrowful thing.’ Toussaint declined to comment on the case against him. him. He received 27 traffic tickets in 14 separate incidents in South Florida, and his driving license was repeatedly suspended for refusing to pay the fines. Past traffic crimes include hitting the back of another car after driving too close in 2017 and driving uninsured or without a license in November 2019. Mercedes crashed into Anthony at the crash point, which Sunny Beach City Manager Chris Russo was looking for. the death of the teenager is ‘the worst thing that has happened here.’ Anthony lived with his parents and two siblings in Sunny Beach. His father, Mark Reznik, said he loved playing football, martial arts, and chess. The sixth grader’s organs were donated after his death to try and help others. Ed Griffiths, who will decide whether Toussaint will be prosecuted from the Miami-Dade State Attorney General, offered his sympathy to the young people’s family. “We understand the pain that every family feels when faced with such a tragedy, as prosecutors from the State Attorney General examine all traffic-related deaths for possible criminal acts.” All aspects of this current, ongoing investigation will continue to attract the highest level of attention from the prosecution. “