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Anthony J. Thompson Jr Wiki/Bio

Anthony J. Thompson Jr. was identified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as a student of Austin-East Magnet High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, who was killed in a fire involving officers. A Knoxville Police officer, Adam Willson, was also injured, but police said that, according to initial investigation findings, Thompson did not shoot the officer.

Around 3:15 pm, law enforcement agencies from multiple departments were called to school. According to the Knoxville Police Department, Monday, April 12th, possibly following the news of a gunman.

Anthony J. Thompson Jr Age

He Was 17 Year old

Anthony J. Thompson Jr, Five Facts You Need To know

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday (April 14th) that “the student’s gun was fired” during a fight after officers entered the toilet and law enforcement opened fire twice. TBI said that, according to its preliminary investigation, the student who hit Willson was not his gun. TBI did not say how the officer was shot.

Here’s what you need to know:

Police Say Thompson “Probably” Armed at School and Fired Guns After Cops Approached Her, But Student Did Not Shoot Officer

Police Investigation

David Rausch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said at a press conference Monday evening that the police found Thompson in the bathroom at the school and ordered him to go out after receiving reports that he was “probably” a gunman at the school. During the fight against the police, TBI said, “The student’s gun was fired.” Rausch said the officers also shot and Thompson was shot deadly. Willson, one of the responding officers, was shot in the hip. TBI said on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 that Thompson, which hit the officer, was not a bullet from his gun.

“Preliminary investigations show that the bullet that hit the KPD officer was not fired from the student’s pistol,” the statement said. His testimony differs from the statement TBI made in the hours after he was shot, “The subject reportedly shot and hit a police officer.” TBI now says this is not the case.

Rausch said at the Monday press conference that investigators were examining footage from body cameras and school security footage, as well as interviewing potential witnesses.

Early investigation results showed that police were summoned to the scene to denounce a man with a gun when the police approached the student, and as a result, fire was opened when the police approached the student.
“Based on the preliminary investigation, Knoxville Police Department Officers responded to the report of a male suspect who was possibly armed at school to Austin-East Magnet High School. Shooting was opened upon the approach of the suspect ”.

Police did not identify the students or the victims at that time. They said that only one young man was killed, a police officer was injured and another man was detained for questioning.
According to WATE, Knoxville community members gathered on Wednesday evening April 14, 2021, after Thompson was shot and demanded transparency from the police. The meeting said that after TBI published Thompson’s name and updated its findings, preliminary investigations showed that the bullet that hit Willson did not come from Thompson’s weapon.

“NOW IS HAPPENING: Many community members are gathering outside the City County Building to demand more transparency from the police and changes in eastern Knoxville,” WATE reporter Austin Martin said on Twitter. “All this after a shooting at Austin-East High School that cost the life of Anthony J. Thompson, Jr.”

Some students quickly turned to social media in the moments after shooting.

“Gunshots at school !!!” Monet Jackson wrote on Facebook.

One comment asked where he was.

“Under a table,” she replied.

The person replied, “Stay under that table.”

“I am proud of you, sweet girl, for staying safe and calm,” Crystal Floyd wrote in a comment on a separate post. “I’m sending a lot of love.”

Jackson then shared a seven-second video shot through a window, followed by a person in uniform running across the grass, followed by a person wearing baggy trousers and a shirt. Community Members Hold Watch and Tribute on Social Media for Thompson and Other Students

Dozens of people, including community members, clergy, children, and teenagers, gathered outside Austin-East High School on Tuesday afternoon to pray for their community and to mourn Thompson’s death, according to Knox News. Prayers increased in school for healing and protection and for a positive change to come soon.

The newspaper reported the sand of the group The group briefly sang the song “Don’t Cross Me”: “Savior, savior, humble hear my cry; Do not cross me when you call out to others. ”

That evening, another watch was held at the Church of Overcoming the Believers.

The news outlet reported that Thompson’s social media account was “flooded” with rave reviews and more than 100 comments in her latest Instagram post.

David Raush, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, expressed sympathy for the deceased student’s family at a press conference on Monday evening.

“What a sad day,” he said.

Knoxville Police Chief Eve Thomas also said the department sent a prayer to the family of the deceased student.

The Knoxville Police Department said in a statement that the Knoxville Police Officer, who was injured during the shooting, is expected to survive his injuries. They later added that Willson had recovered in the hospital after the surgery.

“A KPD officer was shot at least once and was transferred to the UT Medical Center with injuries that were not expected to be life-threatening,” the statement said. “One man was declared dead on the spot, while another was taken into custody for further investigation. There are no other known firearm victims. ”

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is leading the investigation, which is the standard protocol for gun attacks involving officers in Tennessee.

Inspector Bob Thomas also provided updates on his Twitter account shortly after he was shot.

“Knox County Schools are responding to a shoot that took place at Austin-East Magnet High School this afternoon. “We are collecting information about this tragic situation and we will provide additional information as soon as possible,” he wrote.

“The school building has been secured and the students who did not interfere are left to their families,” Thomas wrote in an update.

The Tennessee Department of Education said they sympathize with those involved and that mental health services will be provided.

As details continue to emerge, our thoughts are with Austin East Magnet High School and members of the school community affected by the conflict that occurred this afternoon. The department is ready to support, ”they say on Twitter. “District and school leaders, staff, and educators can access the Emotional Support Line for free and confidential mental health support, via call or text. Check in at 888-642-7886 between 06:00 and 22:00. CT / 07:00 – 23:00 ET daily. ”

Knoxville Police said a reunification center had been set up on the baseball field near the high school.

Attorney General Refuses to Immediately Release Body Camera Images, and Mayor Promises to Push for Transparency

“Numb,” Corey L. Hodge wrote on Facebook. “Keep Austin East in consistent prayers, whether connected to the school or not. Check out everyone you know who is a faculty graduate or continuing. Now. ”

Comments from friends said they were praying and checking their loved ones.

“Numb is the right word. It is now in confusion and distrust,” one person wrote in the comments.

Governor Bill Lee held a pre-scheduled press conference shortly after the shooting and spoke briefly about the shooting, opening his explanations. He said he was informed about the incident and that he had limited information early on in the investigation, but asked the victims and the community to pray.

According to Knox News, both face-to-face and distance learning were canceled at the school during the week.

Four Knoxville Teens Killed in Murders in Recent Months and Residents Want an End to Gun Violence

Knox News reported that four Knoxville youths were killed by gun violence in recent months, prompting public outcry to stop the violence.

15-year-old Austin-East student Justin Taylor was killed after police said a 17-year-old boy accidentally shot him on January 27, while they were both inside the car. 17-year-old boy was arrested on negligent murder charges.

16-year-old Stanley Freeman Jr. was fatally shot on Tarleton Street on his way home after school on February 12. Two young boys, 14 and 16, were arrested and charged with killing him.

15-year-old Janaria Muhammad, a freshman in Austin-East, was shot and killed outside her home on February 16.

15-year-old Jamarion “Lil Dada” Gillette was shot on 9 March. A woman found her injured on the Cherokee Trail in South Knoxville and took her to the hospital where she died the next day.

No arrests were made in the deaths of Mohammed or Gillette.