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Who Was Heather Gumina Waters ? Wiki, Bio, Killed By Husband , Many more Facts You Need To Know

Who Was Heather Gumina Waters ?

  • Woman Killed by Her Husband Returning Home from Hospital After Broken Collarbone

Heather Gumina Waters, a mother of three, suffered heightening maltreatment on account of her significant other

A California man confessed to killing his better half in the wake of breaking her collarbone, dreading how the injury would look to specialists who had accused him of attacking her previous that year, investigators said.

On Wednesday, almost two years in the wake of killing Heather Gumina Waters, 33, a mother of three from Pleasant Valley, her better half, Anthony John Gumina, conceded to first-degree murder, El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson declared in an articulation.

Anthony likewise conceded to two separate occurrences of lawful offense aggressive behavior at home against Heather.

Talking under the watchful eye of a court loaded up with Heather’s loved ones, Anthony conceded that on July 16, 2019, he “hammered her down onto the floor” and killed her, Pierson said in the explanation.

“He conceded he then, at that point put a rope around her neck to help move her out of the house,” Pierson said. “In evident victimizer style, Gumina reprimanded Heather for harming his pride and honor.”

Anthony faces 30 years to life in jail. He is booked to be condemned on September 3.

His lawyer didn’t quickly react to PEOPLE’s solicitation for input.

In his assertion, Pierson called attention to how the examination concerning Heather’s homicide “gave a more complete image of Gumina’s character and the pattern of savagery present in their relationship.”

In January 2019, Anthony handled Heather to the ground and broke down the entryway of the restroom, where she and her kid stowed away from him, Pierson said.

He was hence captured and afterward delivered from care, and the next month, the couple got hitched.

The maltreatment in their relationship reached a crucial stage the evening of July 15, 2019, when Anthony broke her collarbone, sending her to the clinic, Pierson said.

“This time she didn’t call 911, yet messaged her mom while in the emergency clinic that Gumina ‘attempted to kill me’ by choking her on various occasions until she nearly dropped,” Pierson said in the proclamation.

The following morning, on July 16, 2019, Anthony and Heather “contended before Heather’s mom about her messed up collarbone and how that would look to the District Attorney in Gumina’s forthcoming case,” Pierson said.

After her mom left, Anthony “killed Heather without blinking,” Pierson said.

At the point when Heather disappeared, Anthony said she’d left him and that he had no clue about where she was, Pierson said. “Just after the homicide,” he called Heather’s mom “announcing that Heather took off and was missing, executing his plot to endeavor to conceal his wrongdoing,” Pierson said. While Heather’s family, law authorization, and the whole local area looked for her, Anthony “more than once deceived law requirement, adamantly endeavoring to hinder their examination,” Pierson said.

Months after the fact, in September 2019, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Detectives discovered Heather’s body covered a few feet in the earth on a close by property.

She was enveloped by cover with a noose around her neck. She was all the while wearing her medical clinic ID arm band, frock and sling.

Police captured Anthony on Sept. 6, 2019.

Recently, police captured a subsequent suspect, Justin Kremer, 40, “as an assistant to kill,” the lead prosecutor’s office said in an articulation. Kremer was set up for the El Dorado County Jail.

As of now, no further subtleties are being delivered in regards to Kremer’s contribution.

He has not yet entered a supplication. He is being held at the El Dorado County Jail on $395,000 bail, online prison records show.

It is hazy whether he has held a lawyer who can talk for his sake.


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