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A woman who led a religious group in Florida, once described as a cult by prosecutors, died in prison for more than a month after being sentenced for the deaths of two young children in the 1980s.

According to Alachua County court records, Anna Young, was sentenced to prison last month after making no appeal for second-degree murder and negligent manslaughter.

She received a 30-year sentence for murder conviction, which will continue concurrently with 15 years for unintentional manslaughter.

Young, who ran the House of Prayer cult near Gainseville in the 1980s and 1990s, spent only 42 days in prison before his death.

Her daughter Joy Fluker told First Coast News that Young was in intensive care with oxygen on Monday night at a local hospital.

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She Was 79 Year Old

Anna Young Died, More Facts You Need To Know

Prosecutors said that between 1988 and 1989, Young caused a baby named Emon Harper to die of abuse and starvation.

Young, known as ‘Mother Anna’ in the sect, was arrested in 2017 after Fluker told officials about Emon’s death and other abuses at the House of Prayer.

Following Young’s arrest, several former Prayer House members told local authorities that they were tortured and abused, saying that the “cult atmosphere” included exorcism and chemical baths. Former members also confirmed that the boy was dead, although his body was never found.

Young was also charged with manslaughter for the death of Katonya Jackson, who died in 1983.

Katonya was starved, beaten, and refused the epilepsy drug because the leader believed the girl’s seizures were a sign of being possessed by the devil.

In 2018, John Neal, a survivor of House of Prayer, spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about his growing experience in the sect. Neal, whose mother attended the House of Prayer, said Young was responsible for the death of his sister Katonya, who died from the seizure.

‘She tortured my younger sister, treated her like an animal,’He told the AJC, adding that Ana Anna ‘has more power than God’.

Neal himself still carries traces of the violent beatings he received from the group leader.

He told the AJC that he would be beaten in front of his own mother for minor crimes, such as being accused of mistakenly taking a piece of candy.

Young founded the House of Prayer in 1983, and the community’s strict religious philosophies were based on their own perverted and often brutal interpretation of the Bible.

Members and their children had to replace their birth names with biblical names and used the titles ‘Brother’ or ‘Sister’.

They were required to wear Old Testament style ‘sacred garments’, including long robes and beards for men and long robes and headscarves for women.

He hunted the young vulnerable and many members were single mothers.

The cult broke up in 1992 after Young bathed a 12-year-old girl as ‘punishment’ in a bathtub filled with chemicals.

Most of the Prayer House members were children whose parents were unable to take care of themselves for various reasons, and the victim’s parents were not members.

Young decided that the girl ‘smells bad’ and washing her in bleach ‘will burn the evil in her’.

Parents complained the leader to police of child abuse, but he fled Florida and was caught in the attic of a relative’s home in Illinois eight years later.

She was convicted in 2001 and sentenced to six months and 12 days in prison.