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Andrew Hall is a Danville Police Officer and former Contra Costa County deputy sheriff accused of the 2018 shooting and murder of Laudemer Arboleda. Authorities also said that Hall was facing a civil suit in the shooting murder of Tyrell Wilson last month.

Hall has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and assault in Arbodela’s death. The source reported that Hall fired nine shots at the Arboleda when the 33-year-old Newark man passed by the police. At that time, Hall was a deputy sheriff assigned to the Danville area. Arboleda was taken to hospital, where he died of his injuries. Reported that if convicted of murder, Hall could face up to 22 years in prison and be prevented from future work in law enforcement.

Andrew Hall, Facts You Need To Know

He is on administrative leave in the death of Wilson.

The Contra County Sheriff’s Office has posted body camera footage of Wilson’s death, which you can watch here or later in this post. It should be warned in advance that it is highly graphical. Hall has not been charged in connection with Wilson’s death, and the shooting is under investigation.

Internal Investigation in Arboleda’s Death Hall Was Not Faulty During Shooting

Bay Area, law enforcement conducted an internal investigation into the shooting and murder of Arboleda and determined that the police were not at fault in the shooting. The news source reported that Arboleda tried to drive his vehicle between two police vehicles when Hall shot him nine times during a “slow speed police chase”. After an internal investigation by the sheriff’s office, Hall was allowed to return to duty. According to KTVU, this investigation determined that the Arboleda was trying to get through Hall.

Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton announced the charges against Hall at a press conference Wednesday, April 21, 2021, after a two-year investigation. Both of Hall’s accusations are crimes. NBC reported that further pressure was placed on Becton’s office to take action in this case after Hall fatally shot Wilson on March 11.

Wilson Shot on March 11, 2021, and Contra County Sheriff’s Office Releases Videos of the Armed Forces

According to the NBC Bay Area, Hall shot and killed 32-year-old Tyrell Wilson during a shootout in the southwest corner of the Sycamore Valley Road overpass of Interstate Highway 680.

The Contra County Sheriff’s Office posted four videos about the shooting. One video was taken by Hall’s bodycam, another was taken from a vehicle of a person around, and the other two videos were taken by fixed city surveillance cameras.

Lawmakers were dispatched to the area after receiving a 911 call for someone to throw stones from the overpass to Interstate 680. The sheriff’s office said Hall had contacted Wilson, who matched the description given by the 911 caller to the stone thrower.

The city of Danville made a statement expressing regret for all those involved at the time of the shooting.

“We had a tragic event in our district on March 11, 2021. “Our thoughts are about Tyrell Wilson’s families, Officer Andrew Hall, and anyone else who may have witnessed the event,” he said.

Hall’s Bodycam Video Shows Wilson Holding a Knife and Saying “Kill Me”

Thirty seconds passed in Hall’s contact with Wilson before the officer shot the man.

The video shows Wilson walking at the intersection and Hall telling Wilson to stop and talk to him. Wilson says “no” before he stops and asks Hall who he is. Wilson tells Hall not to touch him, and the officer shouts “drop the knife” at him twice as the officer pulls his gun and points it at Hall.

“Kill me,” Wilson said before Hall fires the gun, and Wilson falls onto the sidewalk.

Hall says in a shaky voice, “the shot was fired from his radio.” Earlier in the match, he called for support.

“The suspect is dead,” Hall said, and appealed for medical assistance to Wilson.

Why did you shoot him man? an audience shouts in the background. “Hey! Why did you shoot him?”

In the video, Hall is heard breathing. The Contra County Sheriff’s Office and the Contra County District Attorney are investigating Wilson’s shooting, but said in a statement that Wilson was a threat to the community. The investigation concerns a fatal shooting involving a police officer, the standard protocol of the sheriff’s office.

“The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office are continuing to investigate this incident in accordance with the deadly incident protocol that includes statutory sanctions across the province,” the statement said. “The Sheriff’s Office is committed to a thorough investigation and transparency of all facts, and publishes these videos to make the facts, evidence and information surrounding this incident public.”

The office said the video was posted so that the community could learn the truth. According to the sheriff’s office, Wilson was holding a knife and throwing stones at vehicles.

“Any loss of life is tragic, but society can now see the truth,” Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston said in a statement. “Tyrell Wilson threatened the lives of drivers who dropped objects, possibly rocks, from the overpass to the 680 Highway. He was found with many stones in his jacket pocket. He pulled a knife into the Officer Hall. Officer threatened Hall. And in the middle of a large intersection, he began to move towards the Officer Hall. Officers are forced to make spontaneous decisions to protect themselves and the public, and that’s what happened here. ”

Becton Says Arboleda’s Death Highlights the Need for a Better Understanding of Police’s Mental Health Problem

It took two years for the district attorney’s office to sue Hall, Becton said at a press conference that it was due to “previous law enforcement officers’ backlog of the fatal cases my office investigated.” He said that the shoot emphasized the need for law enforcement to better understand mental health issues.

“The unnecessary death of Mr. Arboleda underscores the need for law enforcement to better understand those suffering from mental illness,” Becton said.

Arboleda was assigned to work at Danville for five years when he shot Arboleda.

Arboleda’s neighbors told KTVU that he was “quiet” and “antisocial”. They expressed concern about the man’s behavior, but said they wished he’d get help.

“Every neighbor you spoke to was scared, thinking everything was heating up with him,” Dominguez said. “The last thing I want is death. I’d rather get help. Then everything will be all right.”

Neighbors called the police to the apartment complex eight times for Arboleda’s “strange behavior”, but told reporters that he was never violent.