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Man Allegedly Killed Okla Grandpa, Grandson Now Suspected of Killing Another Woman
Andrea Blankenship, 41, was killed on the same street as 67-year-old victim Leon Pye and Pye’s grandson Kaeos Yates, a 4-year-old girl and an Oklahoma man accused of murder in connection with the deaths of her grandfather. for a third murder allegedly committed on the same day and in the same street.

Haylee Blankenship wrote on a GoFundMe page that “My mom’s life was taken too early,” and said 41-year-old Andrea Blankenship was looking for donations to help cover the funeral expenses allegedly killed by a man who should never have been out of prison early, according to her daughter.

Lawrence Paul Anderson, 42, was jailed in Grady County on February 9 on charges of first-degree murder, mutilation, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon, allegedly stabbed to death of his uncle Leon Pye and Pye’s grandson. Kaeos Yates, 4, PEOPLE, confirmed with Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

Anderson has been identified as Leon Pye’s nephew. Detectives told Oklahoma City TV channel KFOR that they were investigating Anderson for the Blankenship murder, which his cousin described as a single mother with two children living alone and working from home on the street where Pyes lived in Chickasha.

According to the news station, the suspect was released from prison on January 18, just three weeks before he received a sentence that was commuted in 2017 for possession of weapons and drug trafficking to prison.

KFOR reported that Anderson had been in prison following a 2006 conviction for attacking his girlfriend and pointing a gun, and a 2012 conviction for selling crack cocaine near a primary school.

“We want to know why this dangerous monster was released,” said Brooke Burris Wofford, Blankenship’s cousin, to the exit. “We need some more answers.”

“We lost a part of our heart that we could never get back,” she said. It was not immediately clear what prompted the investigators to follow a possible link between the murders.

According to a spokesman for the Oklahoma State Investigation Bureau, Chickasha police arrived at Pye’s home after receiving a 911 call in which the caller hung up. While trying to make contact at the door, the officers heard someone in the house call for help, “OSBI said in a statement,” The officers broke in and discovered four people were injured inside the house. ”

According to OSBI, Leon Pye and the boy were reported dead at the scene. Pye’s wife, Delci Pye, was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“The fourth person in the house was Lawrence Paul Anderson, 42,” said the OSBI newsletter. “He was described as the one who injured Pyes and Yates.”

“As for what caused this, this is currently under investigation,” OSBI spokesperson Brook Arbeitman told KFOR earlier. PEOPLE could not reach Arbeitman on Thursday.

No bonds were listed for Anderson, according to the sheriff’s office, and it was not immediately clear whether he had challenged the charges or had an attorney to represent him.