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On December 22, 2020, Andre Hill, 47, was shot dead by Officer Adam Coy from the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio. Coy was summoned to the neighborhood in response to a non-urgent call from a neighbor who reportedly witnessed someone sit in an SUV and turn the car on and off. Hill was leaving a friend’s house when Coy confronted him and shot him. Hill was unarmed and held a smartphone. Coy was fired from Columbus Police less than a week later. [1] [2] The conflict was the second murder by police in Columbus in December 2020, following the shooting of Casey Goodson on December 4th. \

Andre Hill Killed, Investigation & More Facts

Franklin County’s forensic report ruled that Hill’s death was murdered, and “multiple gunshot wounds” were listed as the cause of death. Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau is investigating the shot. Two days after the clash on December 24, Columbus Police chief Thomas Quinlan announced that Coy had recommended his dismissal. On December 28, Coy was fired from the Columbus Police Department, and at least a dozen officers were unable to assist Hill in violating the division policy. Coy is the only officer fired.

The autopsy report of Andre Hill, a 47-year-old unarmed Black man who was shot and killed by a former Columbus police officer, shows Hill was shot four times.

An autopsy report released Friday shows that Hill was shot in the chest twice on his right hip and once on his right leg. The autopsy found that his death was a murder, as judged earlier.

Hill was shot down at 1:50 a.m. on December 22 by Adam Coy in the garage of a house on the Northwest Side. The police were responding to a non-urgent call when the shooting occurred. Coy and officer Amy Detweiler, who responded with Coy, did not keep the body cameras open during the shooting.

Their cameras captured 60 seconds of video, but there was no sound, so the footage could be seen. Additional footage showed Hill not receiving medical attention for more than 10 minutes after she was hit. Hill died in a nearby hospital about 30 minutes after the incident. Hill died within minutes, according to an autopsy report from Franklin County Coroner’s office.

Michael Wright, a Dayton lawyer representing Hill’s family, said the autopsy results showed that Hill was in “tremendous pain.”

“The autopsy is disturbing the family,” he said. It shows that he died painfully.

The autopsy report said the most significant wound had entered Hill’s left chest, causing damage to the rib cage, liver, stomach, pancreas, and aorta. The report said about two quarts of blood were found in Hill’s abdominal cavity and pelvic area at the time of the autopsy. A toxicology report completed as part of the autopsy showed that Hill had THC and evidence of cannabis use in his system. It also had a blood alcohol level of 0.013%, well below the 0.08% level considered impaired in Ohio.

Coy was fired less than a week after he was shot and has since been accused of murder, grave assault, and neglect of duty. He deposited a $ 1 million bond in a pending lawsuit at the Franklin County Common Pleas Court. Coy’s next court date has not been scheduled, and a hearing on the case will likely not take place until 2022. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is handling the prosecution.

The case came under the jurisdiction of the Franklin County Procuratorate and demanded that Yost’s office serve as special attorney because the prosecutor’s office was going through a transition in leadership throughout the new year. Ohio Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation Bureau also investigated shooting in accordance with city policy for gunfights involving police.

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Andre Maurice Hill (also referred to as Andre ‘Hill) [4] [5] was a 47-year-old African American. He had a daughter and a grandchild. Hill was a supporter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and was wearing a BLM shirt when he was killed.

Adam Coy worked for the Columbus Police Department for 17 years. After the clash, Coy was fired. In 2012, Coy got involved in an excessive power complaint that ended with Columbus City’s $ 54,000 payment. Coy suspended for 160 hours