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Who Is Andre Hill ? Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Columbus, Ohio, Officer Who Shot And Killed, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Andre Hill (Columbus, Ohio, Officer Who Shot And Killed)

On December 22, 2020, Andre Hill, 47, was shot dead by Officer Adam Coy from the Columbus Police Department in Columbus, Ohio. Coy was summoned to the neighborhood in response to a non-urgent call from a neighbor who allegedly witnessed someone sitting in a jeep and turning the car on and off. Hill was leaving a friend’s house when Coy confronted him and shot him. Hill was unarmed and had a smartphone. Coy was fired from Columbus Police less than a week later. [1] [2] The conflict was the second murder by police in Columbus in December 2020, following the shooting of Casey Goodson on December 4.

Andre Hill Age

He Was 47 Year Old Man,

Investigation & Killer ( Which People Involved)

Andre Maurice Hill (also known as Andre ‘Hill) [4] was a 47-year-old African American. He had a daughter and a grandchild. Hill was a supporter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and was wearing a BLM shirt when he was killed. [5]

Adam Coy worked for the Columbus Police Department for 17 years. Coy was fired after the shot. [1] [6] In 2012, Coy filed an excessive power complaint that ended with Columbus City’s $ 54,000 payment. Coy was suspended for 160 hours.  A Franklin County coroner’s report ruled on Hill’s death in a murder, which listed “multiple gunshot wounds” as the cause of death. [10] The Ohio Criminal Investigation Office is investigating the shooting. [11] Two days after the clash on December 24, Columbus Police chief Thomas Quinlan announced that he had recommended Coy be dissolved. On December 28, Coy was fired from the Columbus Police Department. [8] Hill’s family hired civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump. Crump, like Hill’s daughter, stood guard for Hill. On December 26, a bout for Hill took place at the East Columbus Brentwell Community Center. During the seizure, Benjamin Crump announced that an independent autopsy would be held at Hill. [13] A protest was held on December 24 in the district where the clash took place. The demonstrators also protested the death of Casey Goodson killed by police on 4 December. Goodson was killed not by a Columbus Police Department officer, but by an aide to the Franklin County Sheriff.

Police Statement

Officer Adam Coy of Columbus, Ohio, who fatally shot Andre Hill, a black man, during an early morning emergency call last week, was fired on Monday.

Police Chief Tom Quinlan, as well as the city’s mayor and other leaders, on hearing the discipline, called for Coy’s dismissal since the shooting Monday, December 22, following Monday, Public Security Chief Ned Pettus agreed. When I became the chief, I changed our core values ​​to include responsibility,” NPR member station WOSU said on Monday. It’s like what seems to be accountable. The evidence provided solid grounds for the termination. Mr. Coy will now have to respond to the state investigators of Andre Hill’s death.” Pettus, who was the sole officer in charge of the fire cops, said Coy’s body failed to follow the protocol by delaying the activation of the camera, violated the department’s use-of-force policy, and failed to provide assistance to the dying man.

The actions of Adam Coy do not live up to the oath of a Columbus Police officer or standards we and the community demand from our officers,” Pettus wrote in the statement. “The shooting of Andre Hill is a tragedy for the community and our Police Department, as well as anyone who loved him.

Prior to Monday’s hearing, Quinlan wrote notes summarizing the rules Coy believed broke during the shooting. The notes allege that Coy incorrectly used lethal force, did not turn on his body-worn camera, and did not offer assistance.
Monday’s hearing only dealt with possible police disciplinary action, based on the police chief’s recommendation to fire Coy. The trial was not open to the public. The officer can object to his firing.
Coy shot Hill last week after responding to a non-emergency response call. Coy’s not turning on his camera when he got out of his car and approached Hill is one of the reasons Quinlan wanted to fire him.
According to a note written by Quinlan, it states that “chartered personnel will activate sworn personnel (body mounted cameras) at the beginning of the sanction action”, including any service calls or self-initiated action.
The video shows Coy walking into an unlit garage before turning on his flashlight, lighting Hill and most of the garage.
Quinlan claimed that Coy did not attempt to alleviate the situation using trained techniques such as “building proximity, communication skills, maintaining a safe distance and using barriers” and did not use “time, distance, obstacle, communication, and tension reduction”. “Techniques for avoiding hitting Hill.
Camera footage of the body shows Coy walking towards Hill as Hill walks towards the police officer. Coy started filming seconds after seeing Hill. It’s unclear if Hill or Coy said anything during their short interactions because Coy didn’t turn on his camera until the shooting was over.
In the first few seconds of Coy’s body camera video with the sound present, Coy orders Hill to pull his hands to the side, rise above his stomach, warning an officer not to approach because one of his arms is under his arm. The car where it crashed.
About 37 seconds after the skirmish, Coy asked if he had come to a medic.

Andre Hill Family

Crump and Hill’s sister, Shawna Barnett, insisted on a CNN interview with “New Day” on Monday morning to make Hill transparent for her shoot.
“There is a video that the family understood existed, they handcuffed him after seven minutes of lying motionless on the floor,” Crump said. “That’s why we demand that other police body cam video be broadcast so the world can see that they continue to show disrespect to unarmed Black people.” A crowd gathers around Andre Hill’s daughter Karissa Hill and her nephew Terry Fain during a press conference and candlelight vigil for Hill on Saturday.

Columbus police released 13 minutes of footage from Coy’s body cam last week. The footage shows a group of officers approaching Hill lying on the ground about seven minutes after shooting, but it’s unclear when Hill was handcuffed as Coy was roaming the scene and the police did not broadcast additional video.
Hill’s family expressed concern about Hill being handcuffed and asked for further video evidence to be published.
Hill’s death came as residents and activists were shaken by the shooting and murder of Casey Goodson Jr. by a county deputy sheriff earlier this month. City residents say the Black community’s relationship with Columbus police has long been strained, and demonstrators gathered to demand more accountability for the police following the deaths of Goodson and Hill. Barnett expressed his anger at the behavior alleged by Columbus police officers after his brother was shot.
“Animals have more rights than we currently have,” he said. “It is unacceptable to let my brother lie there to die and not offer him help in the 13-minute footage we watched. … While the officer quenched his cough and drank water, they let my brother lie there, and he did not offer him any help or assistance.”
Karissa Hill told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota that her 6-year-old son, who knew Hill and referred to him as “Big Daddy”, saw the video by himself.
“My son just said he prayed to God for Big Daddy to come home from the ground,” he said.
Goodson and Hill’s shot deaths are now part of separate federal civil rights investigations. The cases made national headlines and were heavily criticized by activists, local residents, and some city leaders who wanted more accountability.
In a joint statement released Monday, the People’s Justice Project, the Ohio Black Abolitionist Collective and the Central Ohio Freedom Fund said Hill was “killed just because he was Black” and called for Coy to be charged and convicted of murder.



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