Who Is Anastasia Baulina? Wiki, Bio, (Son Andrey Killed), Many More Facts You Need To Know

Anastasia Baulina kills Eight-Year-Old Son, Investigation

A Russian mother was detained by police for allegedly pouring gasoline into her eight-year-old son’s mouth and then burning him.

The boy died in a hospital in Kursk, Russia, after a terrible 45 percent burn.

31-year-old Anastasia Baulina, a cashier, was outraged that her son Andrey had ‘betrayed’ her by telling her stepfather that she was supposedly being visited by her lover.

She had a ‘fight’ with his son and took him to the courtyard, poured fuel from a canister, and then set the boy on fire.

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Before using the lighter, She poured the fuel into the horrified boy’s mouth and said to him, ‘Let’s see how it will burn.

Her 12-year-old sister Natasha said, “ Fuel was pouring into her mouth while she was crying. .

However, the boy was seriously injured and died two days later from severe burns.


Murder investigation was opened and the woman from the Zheleznogorsk region was detained. Neighbor Nina Chetverikova told Life: ‘I saw her at the bus stop.  had a fight with her husband. Looks like he took this off from his kids. ‘

Baulina faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

A criminal investigation was also opened as to why the boy was allowed to return to his mother’s care after being taken to an orphanage earlier.