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After a fight in a supermarket, a woman who pushed someone into a moving bus was released from prison. 40-year-old Amelia Doris was named the “Pimlico Pusher” after the incident that saw a woman in her 60s covered with cuts and bruises. Prospero House, one of London’s new Nightingale courts, heard about how Doris was filmed on CCTV as it attacked Linda Lancaster on Vauxhall Bridge Road on May 29, 2018. The two quarreled on the Tesco Express near Warwick Way, but the women passed by each other. again.
Doris “leaned her shoulders” on Ms. Lancaster’s head and then fled the scene with her young son. Mrs. Lancaster fell towards the passenger doors of the bus and suffered from beheadings as well as abrasions and bruises on her ankles, shins and knees. She also suffered a muscle injury to his shoulders. Prosecutor John Livingston said the argument broke out at the supermarket checkout because Doris thought Ms. Lancaster’s basket hit her son’s head. “Miss Doris started shouting, she raised her voice,” she told the court.

She started yelling at Mrs. Lancaster and at one point said, “You met the wrong woman, you white slut.” “Then Doris pushed the Lady of Lancaster and caused her to fall to the ground. After leaving the Tesco store, Doris shouted” aggressively “into the store:” Watch out what happens when you go out. “Mrs Lancaster avoided her and let her ride the block without seeing Doris. But the prosecutor said, “Ms. Doris was still there. She pushed her to the side of an oncoming bus she so that her head hit the front doors of that bus she. “The incident had a” significant impact “on Mrs. Lancaster’s mental health, she added.” This caused me to suffer from post-traumatic stress, and I am constantly consulting for it, “she added in a statement. “Since the attack, he has left London for fear of meeting Doris again, and his ability to work and socialize in the travel industry has been affected.

Mr Livingstone added: “He says he is not a confrontation person. He is fortunate that he was not physically worse injured. She says he found the incident extremely frightening.” She had a certain difficulty in the evaluation. ” interpreted the history and incident involving ‘serious domestic violence’, including one of his children, as that Ms. Lancaster had hit her child on the head. Given that there must be something that will trigger this incident. ”Doris attended the hearing with a video link from her office.

Judge Sally Cahill QC told the defendant after the verdict: “Your victim was completely unknown to you. was going shopping, taking care of his own business in the shop, you started by attacking him as a result of some minor things you thought he bought you and calling him a harassing name. “Then you stopped outside the shop and after a while you turned it into a bus that came along the way.” Medical evidence has shown that Doris may have fought to “fully appreciate what was going to happen.” The judge continued: “You’re someone with the former good character who makes this incident completely uncharacteristically and truly inexplicable.”