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Cambodian police can reopen the case of Amelia Bambridge, a British backpacker, after tests have shown that the rape drug GHB was in her system when she died.

Amelia from Sussex was found swimming at sea on October 21, 2019, and an investigation later determined the cause of death as ‘accidental drowning’.

But a bomb-like toxicology report released to the public last month found traces of drugs in his system when he drowned in the sea off Cambodia, sparking fears that his drinks were on the rise.

It’s commonly known as ecstasy – and the hallucinogenic drug MDA has also been found in her body, but Linda Schultes, Amelia’s 53-year-old mother, says she would never take them willingly.

Instead, Linda believes her daughter was “nailed” while partying at Police Beach on the Cambodian island of Koh Rong and passed out before sailing.

Anne suspects there is a ‘cover-up’ there and believes the culprit who allegedly hit Amelia is still free, and accuses local police of inept blaming the original probe.

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She Was 21

Amelia Bambridge Raped (Investigation)

Cambodian National Police spokesperson Lieutenant General Chhay Kim Khoeun told local media, “I think, if there is a diplomatic note to the National Police and expert department asking the case to be examined, we will continue to investigate the case.”

Linda, a mother of five from Worthing, West Sussex, urges Cambodian officials to press the case to reopen.

It is really against nature for a mother to bury her children.

“It really breaks my heart because I saw how corrupt it was while I was there, and I realized that all these backpackers went to these islands thinking it was safe, but it really isn’t.”

Linda added: ‘I just want answers and I want to know what’s going on on that island, what happened to her, and how they got into her system.

“The UK Government should pressure me to give some answers because it’s not fair.”

Amelia went to a party at Police Beach in Koh Rong with two or three girlfriends she made while traveling on October 23, 2019.

She was last seen at a beach party around 3:00 pm and her friends panicked when she disappeared because she was always attached to the group.

A search team began looking for him the next day, when he had not left his boarding house or arrived in port to catch the ferry from the island as planned.

A wild seven-day search ended in tragedy when his body was found 30 miles from the sea.

Six men working in local restaurants and hotels were detained and interrogated by the police in connection with Amelia’s disappearance, but no one was charged with a crime.

Linda accused the Cambodian police of sinking the initial investigation and said the police there were unable to find CCTV, did not seal potential crime scenes, and that some of Amelia’s belongings were stolen after the officers took her.