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8-Month-Old Pregnant Mother Killed During Murder-Suicide
The cause of the violence on Wednesday is unknown
Thanks to the swift action of first responders and medical experts, an unborn baby is alive today after his mother’s brutal murder – She was allegedly killed by his boyfriend and later committed suicide.

Alabama, Scottsboro police received a phone call about a suspected vehicle standing on a local highway around 6:15 am on Wednesday morning.

In a press release, “Officers arrived at the scene and discovered that it was revealed that both passengers of the vehicle (35-year-old Amber Michelle Coffman and 33-year-old Owen Deangelo Williamson)” were fatally wounded and killed by a gunshot, “said a press release. ”

“The female victim was eight months pregnant and was transferred to the Highlands Medical Center in order to save the unborn child,” the statement said.

EMTs administered CPR to Coffman during the ambulance ride to keep blood flowing from his body and to the fetus.

The baby was born weighing only four pounds.

Investigators claim that Williamson shot Coffman fatally before turning the gun on him.

The murder suicide occurred days after Williamson’s aunt’s death. The baby is currently at the NICU of Huntsville Hospital.

The gender of the child is not disclosed. It was unclear whether Williamson was the father of the baby.

The cause of the violence is currently unknown and the investigation is described as “ongoing”.