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Who Is Alyssa Vogel? Wiki, Bio, (Hero Police Officer Saved 4-Year-Old) Many More Facts You Need To Know

Alyssa Vogel Wiki – Alyssa Vogel Saved 4 Year Old

Times Square shooting Police Hero Who Saved 4 Year Old

A quick-thinking police officer is praised as a hero for competing in a chaotic scene in Times Square to take a 4-year-old injured boy to safety after a fire in iconic New York City.

Officer Alyssa Vogel went in to catch the young girl who was shot after being shot by a stray bullet that hit three people in Times Square on Saturday, applied a tourniquet to her leg, and took her to a nearby ambulance.

Vogel, a mother of 6 months, described the 4-year-old as “the strongest little girl I’ve ever seen” in an interview with the New York Post.

The New York Police Department said the clash occurred on Saturday evening following a dispute that led to the opening of fire. Three people are injured and are expected to survive: 4-year-old Wendy Magrinat, a 4-year-old from Brooklyn, 23-year-old from Rhode Island, was shot in the leg, and a 43-year-old-old woman from New Jersey was shot in the foot.

Police posted video of a person She was interested in, but did not make any arrests for the shooting on Monday.

Vogel, who joined the NYPD four and a half years ago, said the boy barely cried except for a tourniquet during the incident.

“She just said he wanted his mother,” he told Post. “Her mother was running right behind me, but she was looking for her.”

The video posted by the police on Twitter shows Vogel running towards the ambulance with the girl in her arms.

Hearing a child being shot “was definitely more annoying because you didn’t know where She was shot or whether it was good or not. I didn’t know the circumstances. As a mother I think my mother’s instincts are gone, I need to help her,” she said, “Good morning America.”
Vogel said She got into the ambulance with the girl and rushed to the pediatric unit of the hospital where the doctors took over.

Vogel also delivered a message of support to the young girl’s mother and told the New York Post, “The little girl will be able to walk again. It will be fine.”

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a press conference on Saturday that the dispute was between two and four people, with one person firing.
Shea blamed gun violence for “bad politics” but did not go into details.

Mayor Bill de Blasio called it “pointless violence” and said “The flood of illegal guns in our city must stop.”

According to the latest statistics released by the NYPD, gun attack cases increased by about 83% in 2021 compared to this time of last year. However, armed conflict continues to fall far short of what the city saw at the height of violent crime in the 1980s and 1990s.

Magrinat, one of the victims, that the incident was “something he never thought would happen in Times Square with so many families around.”

She told the WNBC that the bullet could be on the leg for the rest of his life, as She told the doctors that removing it could cause more damage.

Magrinat was with her husband and child at the time of the shooting. “On the ground,” I was screaming, “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I have a 2-year-old child.”



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