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An 18-year-old from North Carolina died when he used his own body to shield a 10-year-old from gunfire.

AL-Tarrek Bell and his family are from Skinnersville, North Carolina–a small town on the shores of the Albemarle Sound in Washington County.

Bell was less than a month away from his 19th birthday. He was close to graduating high school. He had dreams of becoming a model.

Now he will not achieve any of those milestones. But because of his selflessness, another young man has the opportunity to chase his own dreams.

“Thank God my son was there to protect the little boy in the back seat,” Bell’s mother Izetta Howell said.

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Was 18 Year Old

Al’Tarrek Bell Fatally Shot, Investigation & More Facts

18-year-old Al’Tarrek Bell died of fatal gunshot wounds after protecting a relative of his girlfriend who was sitting with him in the backseat of a car. He protected a 10-year-old boy from the explosion of gunfire by taking seven bullets while sitting in the back seat of a car.

The injuries Al’Tarrek Bell, who died at the scene, died on the scene along with 25-year-old Sadiel Gonzalez, a resident of the apartment complex that broke out on March 27. Edgewater Park Township, NJ, police.

“It’s very sad, but I know my baby died a hero,” Izetta Howell, the mother of the youth, told Courier-Post. “I can smile because I know he saved someone else.”

According to a press release, the police said the boy was not injured and that the cause of the shooting was under investigation while searching for a suspect.

Her 10-year-old mother, Jacqueline Santiago, praised Bell, saying she “risked her life to save” her son.

“He protected my son and made sure he was safe,” Santiago wrote on his Facebook page. “I’ll never forget you !! We’ll keep your name alive. You always told me that you caught him. You’ll always protect him and keep your promise. That’s exactly what you did, you gave his life to save his. You are the guardian of your brother.” He was a relative of 10-year-old Bell’s girlfriend. N.C. Bell’s mother, who lives in Skinnersville, said that her son traveled to New Jersey to visit his girlfriend and family members and friends.

Bell’s father, Toriano Arthur, in a GoFundMe call for donations for memorial expenses, “Protecting him from flying bullets and shot him 7 times and lost his life.” He died as a hero. ”

Describing herself as a friend and saying, “No mother should know what it feels like to bury her child, please pray for herself and her family at this terrible time!”

Bell was going to celebrate her 19th birthday this month, and after graduating from high school, Skinnersville longed to quit pop. “Making a career as an entertainer and model in a city of 700 and bigger,” Mom said.

Bell, who has 11 siblings, played drums, sang and rapped in a high school band. “He started writing his music, he started recording,” she told Howell to the Courier-Post. “He was about to do great things.”

He told WPVI, “When he came to school, his smile would illuminate the whole school. Now when I go out his smile lights the sky and it makes me feel good.” She said.