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Alice Weiss, now  is accused of murdering her boyfriend with a .22-caliber pistol in 2004, although she continues to maintain her innocence.

Alice Weiss Age

Alice Weiss 65 Year Old.

Alice Weiss Murder Charged

Soon after 8 p.m. on April 27, 2004, specialists found James Summers’ body lying against a disengaged carport outside his Missouri home. He had been shot toward the back and the face and was articulated dead at the scene.

Around 20 feet away lay his homicide weapon, a .22 type handgun, and past it stood his live-in sweetheart, 47-year-old Alice Weiss.

The supposed subtleties from Summers’ passing, recently delegated a virus case, reappeared Monday in a reasonable justification explanation blaming Weiss for homicide in the second degree for the situation that developed in Jefferson County over 17 years prior.

At the hour of Summers’ homicide, Weiss, presently 65, supposedly told agents that she was in her home showering when she heard gunfire outside. Wearing a pink wraparound and towel, she professed to have called 911 when she discovered his body, specialists say.

A few snippets of data uncovered during interviews and legal examinations put a focus on Weiss during the examination: Neighbors professed to be outside around the hour of the homicide and none saw any new faces nearby; an amusement of the firing uncovered that shots were scarcely perceptible from the home’s shower; the .22 type handgun that killed Summers had a place with Weiss; and buildup from the firearm was on the robe she was wearing that day.

Notwithstanding the hard proof against her, Weiss supposedly offered clashing subtleties relating to the area of her firearm preceding the firing and why weapon buildup was found on her.

Her most realistic estimation of what occurred, agents say, is that a cheat acquired her firearm without her insight, then, at that point utilized it to kill Summers in the wake of being stood up to. Not long after imparting her hypothesis to examiners, she supposedly concurred with them that it was doubtful.

At a certain point during the examination, Weiss’ cousin approached with stories that further involved her.

The evening of the homicide, Weiss purportedly disclosed to her cousin that Summers got her weapon and faced a home interloper while she got in the shower. The cousin said he disclosed to her it was odd that she would get in the shower during the showdown, however she didn’t give a clarification.

After four years, Weiss supposedly revealed to her cousin that she had consistently been interested if shooting somebody “was pretty much as pleasurable as sex” and that in case she was at any point accused of Summers’ shooting, she could nail it to her dad, who had as of late kicked the bucket. Weiss’ cousin explained to specialists that he asked her for what good reason she shot Summers, to which she answered, “there is little contrast among adoration and disdain.”

In the course of recent years, specialists neglected to distinguish extra suspects, the reasonable justification proclamation says, prompting Weiss’ possible homicide accusations from the Attorney General’s Cold Case Unit. “While returning the current vicious wrongdoing issue to normal is inconceivably significant, it’s likewise urgent that we don’t disregard or neglect the regularly failed to remember casualties of fierce wrongdoing whose cases have not been addressed or have gone cold,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt expressed in a delivery.

He added: “The progression of time doesn’t, in any capacity, reduce the significance of specific cases.”

In this specific case, in any case, Weiss “solidly keeps up with” her blamelessness.

“The Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office decided not to document charges 17 years prior for an explanation,” John Schleiffarth, a lawyer addressing Weiss, tells PEOPLE in a proclamation. “I have each assumption that the fortuitous proof depicted at [Thursday’s] uncommon and dramatic question and answer session will end up being deluding.”