Alexis Sharkey Wiki – Found Dead

According to the doctor, Alexis Sharkey, whose body was found on the side of the Houston road, died of drowning after being reported missing.

The Harris County Forensic Institute announced the cause of death Tuesday, about two months after the Instagram influencer was found dead on part of Interstate 10, about 27 kilometers west of downtown Houston.


Alexis Sharkey Missing girl Found Dead

The form of death was considered murder, according to the medical inspector’s report. Sharkey, who also uses the Robinault surname, disappeared right after Thanksgiving. Sharkey’s mother said she learned the news after receiving a phone call from her daughter’s husband and friends, according to NBC member KPRC-TV.


Stacy Clark said to Robinault on the exit, a friend of mine said, ‘I ran to her apartment and she wasn’t there and we had to meet.’ “When you start hearing these stories and realize that it’s not true, something goes wrong.”

The impressive was found dead on November 28. Detectives said she was discovered naked by a cleaner on a road a few kilometers from her apartment, KPRC reported.

Popular on Instagram, Sharkey moved to Houston last January shortly after her marriage, Stacy Clark Robinault previously told NBC News. In one of their recent phone calls, the two made plans to spend Christmas together.

“We were looking forward to this Christmas,” She said. She was trying to book a flight. ”

Stacy Clark Robinault said that dealing with the death of her daughter was not easy, but the mysterious circumstances around her made things much more difficult.

“As it was discovered, there was no accident in this,” she said. “I firmly believe he was killed.”

So far, the police have not made any arrests regarding Sharkey’s death. Stacy Clark Robinault urged anyone who might have knowledge to come forward, “This can be solved so she can have justice.