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Lyft driver Albert Boakye was arrested in Nashville for allegedly assaulting country star Clare Dunn and charged with ‘blasphemy attack’.

Boakye was detained by police late Monday night after authorities disclosed his name and photo to the groin following a distressing incident in late June, TMZ reported on Tuesday.

The ridesharing app driver is accused of dragging Dunn from the back seat of his car and hitting him face down in a ditch after questioning Dunn’s route.

Albert Boakye Age

He Is 46 Year Old.

Albert Boakye Arrest, Investigation & More Facts

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  • Lyft driver Albert Boakye, 46, was arrested in Nashville for allegedly assaulting county music star Clare Dunn and charged with misdemeanor assault.
  • After questioning Dunn’s route on June 26, Boakye is accused of dragging him out of the back seat of his car and hitting him face-down in a ditch.
  • TMZ reports that police believe Boakye physically removed Dunn from his vehicle after an argument over a missed turn.
  • Released on $1,000 bail
  • Dunn had to go to the emergency room with several cuts and bruises on his face.

Police accept that Boakye ‘truly eliminated Dunn from his vehicle’ following a contention over a missed turn on her course back home following a night out with companions.

As per TMZ, the artist was harming in the fight and ‘supported injuries and gashes to her head.’ The driver has been delivered subsequent to posting $1,000 bond. The nation star who is known for hits like Move On, Get Out, and Tuxedo uncovered the frightening insights regarding the occurrence in a meeting with PEOPLE last week.

The 34-year-old said she made some great memories with sweethearts prior to requesting a Lyft home with a dear companion who was dropped off first. ‘I had that instinct that something wasn’t right, and I disregarded it,’ she told PEOPLE.

At around 12 PM, Dunn and her companion hailed a Lyft to drive them home. The companion was dropped off before Dunn without occurrence.

Dunn then, at that point expected to be headed to her home somewhere in the range of 10 miles away by the driver. She requested that the driver take the ‘more slow course’ to try not to go on the roadway yet the driver disregarded her.

She said: ‘We were barreling towards the highway and I shouted out and resembled, ‘Hello, that was my turn. Where are you going? You need to take the following right turn’.’

That is the point at which the driver began shouting at her, as per Dunn.

‘I couldn’t actually make it out — his English wasn’t the awesome,’ said. ‘What’s more, I just knew at that time that I wasn’t going to get on that highway with him. I wasn’t going to go unobtrusively where he needed to take me. Furthermore, I think he understood possibly this young lady would have been more difficulty than she’s worth.’

As the Lyft ride was even in excess of a pretty far from her home, the driver chose to pull over. ‘Before I could even get my shoes off or get my telephone to attempt to call 911, he snatched me by the collar, torn me out of the secondary lounge and pummeled me face-first down into a trench,’ Dunn told PEOPLE.

‘By one way or another in the fight, I thought I called 911, however I didn’t get the number right. In any case, it was a supernatural occurrence. They got back to me,’ she proceeded. ‘Furthermore, when I came to, I was shouting, and I saw headlights. He wound up letting me be by then and took off.’

Dunn ran home. Her face was covered with cuts and injuries. Subsequent to showing up home, she went to the trauma center.

She documented a police report a brief time frame thereafter. With the assistance of an investigator, they distinguished the driver.

‘I revealed to myself that I was overthinking it and I simply needed to return home. That is all I mulled over everything and simply attempting to reveal to myself it’s fine,’ she said. ‘I fault myself.’

Lyft delivered a proclamation to PEOPLE saying: ‘Wellbeing is basic to Lyft. The conduct depicted is horrifying, and we forever eliminated the driver from the Lyft stage when we learned of this episode. We’ve connected with Ms. Dunn to offer our help and are helping law requirement with their examination.’

Dunn is asking Uber and Lyft travelers to take photos of drivers’ tags prior to getting in the vehicle. She additionally urges clients to get data about the driver in advance.

‘This has been hellfire,’ she said. ‘I don’t need any other individual to go through it. Regardless of whether it simply can hold one young lady or one person back from going through this … he knew what he was doing.

‘He hit ‘complete the ride’ after it was finished. I didn’t take a screen capture of his permit data during the ride. The entirety of that disappears when a ride is finished.

‘The sum total of what I had was a minuscule profile picture and his first name,’ she clarified. ‘It’s a sluggish cycle in the event that you don’t have all that information.’