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Alannah Sobolewski was crossing with her mother Taylor Maddock on Rooty Hill Road in Plumpton, Plumpton at 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday when both of them were hit by a car.

Maddock was hospitalized in a serious but stable condition, while his daughter was in critical condition.

Alannah died soon after at Westmead Hospital.

Alannah Sobolewski Age

Baby girlĀ  Year Old Died

Alannah Sobolewski Accident

A heartbroken family paid tribute to a five-year-old girl who was tragically killed on a pedestrian crossing while holding her mother’s hand on her way to get pizza.

Alannah Sobolewski was crossing the road in Plumpton near her home during a Toyota Tarago crash on Rooty Hill North Road west of Sydney at 7:20 pm on Wednesday night.

The teenager had her birthday last month, She was in elementary school, and when She grew up, She wanted to be a zoo attendant. Her grandmother, Nola Meridith, went to Facebook to express her grief – she put a picture of the boy’s hand on hers and said she would be “forever in his heart”. “Our hearts are breaking tonight … Unfortunately our daughter went with angels,” she wrote.

One person replied, “My heart goes to you and your family, there is no word.”

Her mother, Taylor Maddock, was hospitalized with injuries to her spine, pelvis and legs, but his condition is stable. On Thursday night, your loved ones visited the crash site, leaving balloons, toys and flowers.

The young girl’s father, Jake Sobolewski, cannot be comforted while his uncle Saxon Manaena says She has trouble coping with his nephew’s loss. She was the prettiest little girl, my best girl, I knew her very well, she was very kind, that’s not true, ” Mr Manaena told the Daily Telegraph.

“His dad is just heartbroken, Jake disappeared in words.”

She said that the family lived in the area and knew how busy the intersection was, that she had crossed that road ‘million times’ together, and that Alannah always took her mother’s hand. Mr Manaena urged officials to add traffic lights to the area to make it safer for families to pass.

Two critical care paramedics and several ambulances rushed to the scene where they tried to rescue the teenagers before taking the couple to Westmead Hospital.

Alannah soon died, and her 25-year-old mother injured her leg and pelvis.

the dreadful accident show a team of paramedics working desperately to stabilize mother and daughter. The impact smashed Tarago’s windshield and left a large dent in the bonnet.

Local resident James Camilleri said there were numerous traffic accidents in the area and the traffic lights near the crime scene were not working.

told TNV ‘We heard a noise, then all these sirens went off’.

My brother was here just a year ago, her bone was beaten by a truck. She had a heart attack and they brought him back to life.

“Something must definitely be done about this road.

Driver Of The Car Injured

The 64-year-old male driver was not injured and was taken to Westmead Hospital for mandatory testing.

Detective chief inspector Sean Gabin said the driver was in shock.

“Anyone who goes to a scene where someone dies is clearly sad,” he said.

“It’s sadder when you see a little boy.” He confirmed that the tragedy was an accident, but did not say if the police had thought of blaming the driver.

Detectives will take into account speed and wet weather conditions in their search.

Chief Inspector Gabin urged drivers to be more careful while driving in rainy weather.

NSW will go through some harsh weather conditions for an extended period of time. This could mean that you are driving below the stated speed limit, ‘he said.