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A young man was stabbed to death in London on Friday less than 100 meters from where his cousin was killed 18 months ago. Ahmed Beker, 19, was stabbed in Paddington Green near the place where 17-year-old Yousef Beker died in front of a KFC on Edgware Road on September 10, 2019. Ahmed’s Friends called him one of the ‘good guys’ who ‘wanted to succeed’. life ‘. A relative living in Hall Tower said: “Our fathers were first cousins, so he was my family.
He was a civilian and did not engage in any gang violence. He went to the college just around the corner, the City of Westminster College. Two months ago, he was attacked while smoking outside of Hall Tower.

Some came to him and cut his face with a knife. Now look, he died literally a month later on the same road. They killed him innocently, literally for no reason. His cousin Yousef Beker was killed at that KFC over there, but it’s a completely different story. The two brothers have now lost their sons for knife charges. “Here always five or six people are stabbed but this has never been reported. The police only come for a few days to show themselves and then go.” But when it’s serious, where are they? ” Although it was announced that Ahmed died at the scene, an autopsy examination was to be held today at the Westminster Mortuary, and his closest relative was informed.

No arrests have been made, and detectives are eager to hear from anyone who has footage or video of the incident or saw the incidents leading up to the incident. The article 60 order was issued, giving additional stop and search powers to the police in the area until 14:00 on Sunday. The latest murder brings London’s 2021 homicide count to 19, including five teenagers. A friend of Ahmed: ‘I knew him from middle school and then we went to college together. He always wanted to achieve this in life in order to help his family. He really loved his family. ‘When my friend called me at night and told me that Ahmed Beker was dead, I couldn’t believe it. “The way you talk wouldn’t think he was involved in life. What happened to the times when men were fighting with their hands?” People from other postal codes aren’t people enough to deal with their problems, so they randomly pick a civilian.

The moment you grab a knife and walk down a path with it, you have no self-respect. Mnayer Alenezi, who also knew the victim through his friends, said, “He was a really good boy, he was always high-five people.” when he’s out “Everyone knew him as a local, you know. I haven’t seen him in over a year, so he was a little shocked because he was one of the good boys. My cousin fell to the ground and came back running saying he was stabbed in gang violence.” “A man who went to school with his son, Mr. Beker:” He was a quiet boy and always very kind. When he passed me on the street and saw me, he would say hello politely. “Maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Last August, three teenagers, who exploded a few hours before Yusuf’s murder, over a minor dispute were imprisoned. A 17-year-old man from Lambeth was sentenced to seven years in prison for manslaughter. Another 17-year-old man from Lambeth was sentenced to at least 17 years in prison for murder and possession of assault weapons.