The 19-year-old Israeli soldier Noa Marciano, who was taken prisoner by Hamas, has been officially certified dead by the Israeli military.
Early in the fighting, Marciano was heard speaking in a video released by Hamas. Adi Marciano, Noa’s mother, had visited the Palm Beach Synagogue.

Noa Marciano

Sad news has surfaced: Noa Marciano, a 19-year-old Israeli soldier, died at the hands of Hamas during their October 7 attack on Israel, according to official confirmation from the Israeli military. The military statement said that she had been held prisoner by the terrorist group, but it did not go into detail about how she died. Hamas published a video showing Marciano speaking early in the fight, followed by horrifying pictures of her dead corpse on a white sheet smeared with blood. The organization claims that Marciano died as a result of Israeli bombings on Gaza on Thursday.

Noa Marciano
Noa Marciano

Who is Adi Marciano?

The oldest of four siblings, Noa Marciano was assigned to an intelligence team and was watching over Kibbutz Nahal Oz from a lookout position at the time of the assault. On November 4, her mother Adi Marciano went to the Palm Beach Synagogue to bring attention to the predicament of the 240 hostages who are being held in Gaza. She asked for help, prayed for their safe release, and thanked everyone who has helped the families of the captives and victims.

The Jewish Federation expressed its sympathies and reaffirmed its determination to keep pushing for the safe release of all captives in Gaza in the light of this tragic news. The group expressed its commitment to remembering Noa and the other victims of the October 7 assaults, expressing its profound sadness over her death at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

This is 19 year old Noa Marciano, z”l, who was executed by Hamas while being held hostage.

238 hostages, including my two young daughters, are still in the hands of Hamas terrorists. Their time is running out, bring them home now!

— Maayan Zin (@ZinMaayan1007) November 14, 2023

According to Israeli sources, the Hamas strikes have left hundreds more injured and over 1,200 confirmed dead. In a moving appeal, Adi Marciano emphasized how important it is to remember those who are still detained in Gaza. She stressed the wide range of ages among the captives, from little children to the elderly, all of whom were going through unique struggles.

The world is processing this heartbreaking event, and those who are still suffering from the fallout from the October 7 assaults are repeating the appeal for action to ensure the safe release of the hostages. Noa Marciano’s untimely death serves as a sobering reminder of the human cost of war and the need of promoting a more safe and fair global community.

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