Who Was Adam Toledo? Wiki, Bio, Age, Shot By Police, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Adam Toledo Wiki – Chicago police shooting

The Chicago police officer who shot and killed a teenager in an incident labeled “gunfight” by an official was put on administrative duty.

According to the Cook County Medical Examination Office, it was Adam Toledo who died of a bullet wound to the boy’s chest. Described by his practice as a 13-year-old white male, Toledo lived in the largely Hispanic Little Village neighborhood on the city’s West Side.

“Adam had many dreams that he could never live with,” says Adam’s mother, Elizabeth Toledo. “Ironically, one of his dreams was to become a police officer.”

Toledo wrote that “another angel soon won his wings.” The man wrote that he enjoyed playing with blocks and making jokes.

“He was a kid who lit the room when he came in,” he wrote. “It’s too heavy for our hearts to plan our last goodbyes instead of watching him grow and make those dreams come true.”

Police officers responded to the fire fired in Little Village after 2pm on Monday, according to the first statement from the police this week. According to the police statement, the two people were in a side street and followed the police officers on foot. Police said the chase “resulted in a confrontation”. A police officer shot the boy in the chest and was declared dead at the scene. According to the police, officers found a gun at the scene. Police spokesperson Tom Ahern described the incident as “armed conflict” in a tweet. He also shared a photo of the gun removed from the scene and said that the other man involved was in custody.

Chicago’s Civil Police Liability Bureau, the agency investigating the police misconduct, said the incident was recorded on a body camera, but since Toledo was a child, the footage could not be broadcast without a court order. COPA added that any material that could be released would be “within 60 days of the event and in accordance with the City’s Video Streaming Policy”. “The COPA is committed to conducting a full and thorough investigation into the officer’s use of lethal force to determine whether his actions are in line with Department policy and training, and it demands the patience of the public,” the organization said in a statement. Said.

Chicago Police Inspector David Brown called the incident – “a deadly encounter between one of ourselves and a child” – as his “greatest horror” in his role.

“Unfortunately, this fear came true earlier this week,” Brown said in his statement. “Any loss of life is tragic, especially when it concerns young people.”

He expressed his condolences to Toledo’s family and said the police department “fully supported” the COPA investigation and “persistently” called for the broadcast of videos – including body camera footage.

“The immediate decision to use lethal force is extremely difficult for any officer and always a heavy burden for officers involved in fatal shooting incidents,” Brown said. Mayor Lori Lightfoot said in a Twitter post on Thursday that it was “critically important” for COPA to release the videos “as quickly as possible” to the family and then to the public. “Transparency and speed are very important,” she added.

“While the facts and circumstances surrounding this case are under investigation … we must ask ourselves how our social safety net failed this tragic kid,” Lightfoot said.

Toledo did not immediately respond to the request for comment.