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Child murderer who raped and killed a six-year-old girl to escape jail

Glasgow native Adam Stein was imprisoned for life after kidnapping, raping and murdering Collette Gallacher in Corby, Northamptonshire, but in March, Adam Stein of Glasgow was sent to life in prison after he was abducted, raped and killed. Collette Gallacher in Corby, Northamptonshire.According to the Daily Record report, when the monster kidnapped her in 1986, Little Collette was on her way to catch the school bus.

In March, Collette’s family will be released from prison on parole.

Young sisters Claire and Lauren Holmes believe 61-year-old Stein can return to her hometown of Glasgow. They call on the Scots, who may have been the victims of Stein, to help put her back behind bars.

“We want people in Scotland to be aware of what she’s doing, so she doesn’t hide from what she’s doing,” Claire, 29, told Record.

“His return to society is a scary thought. He could be back in Scotland in weeks.

“The more stories we hear now, we wonder if there are any other victims in Glasgow or Scotland.

“If someone stands out, that can get them in for the rest of their life.”

Collette was kidnapped in February 1986 by Stein, who was going to take the bus to school in Corby. His mother, Karen, made a public call to find him in the town known as Little Scotland due to its large immigrant community.

Five days later, Collette’s body was found in Stein’s attic after the welder went to a friend’s house and tried to kill himself. A court heard that after his wife ran away with their little son, he pulled Collette into his home with chips.

Stein sexually abused and strangled her, then hid her body.

She was sentenced to life imprisonment with the parole tariff set as 18-20 years.

It appears that Stein left Scotland in the 80s.

He spent time in Amsterdam and briefly married a London woman but moved to Accrington, Lancashire where he lived with another partner.

When this ended, many Scots moved to Corby, where they work at their local steel mill.

Collette’s family learned that two years before the murder, in 1984, Stein was investigated on a rape charge and arrested by the police.

No charges were brought and no trial was made.

The family realized that they had been questioned for a sexual assault in Scotland between 1980 and 1983.

Claire said: “We understand that she had a history of interrogation in Scotland in connection with a sexual crime prior to killing my sister. Why did he move from Scotland to England?

“He could be offended anywhere in the 1980s. We are addressing all those who have been attacked by him before, who do not feel brave enough to go out.

“Four people from our town came forward with knowledge. It allows us to understand how many more cases there could be across the country, the more things come up. Stein was released to an address in southeastern England, but turned behind bars 14 months after traffic crimes.

He was given parole under strict conditions, but cannot be registered for sex offenders because it came into effect in 1997.

Born after the Collette murder, Claire and 36-year-old Lauren contest the parole board’s decision.

The Parole Board confirmed a delegation that directed Stein’s release after examining a number of evidence.

Northamptonshire Police said a cold case team was investigating a previous allegation of sexual assault by Stein in the Milton Keynes area and they were aware of an earlier investigation in Scotland.

They called the alleged victims of historical crime to come forward.

The Scottish Police said they cannot comment on the Scottish investigation.