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Oakes was a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, who was found dead in an off-campus home on February 27. 19-year-old Oakes was committed to the Delta Chi fraternity.

NBC4 Washington reports that family members believe Oakes endured harassment during a fraternity party the night before he died. Neither the university nor the Richmond Police Department confirmed whether this was the case. Delta Chi division at VCU has been suspended, according to a statement released by the university Oakes’ cousin, Courtney White, insisted that the college freshman was given too much to drink during the Delta Chi party. Richmond instructed the Times-Dispatch that Oakes was given “a pinch of Jack Daniels whiskey” and to drink. A handle typically contains enough alcohol to pour 40 shots, according to The Thrillist. White told WTTG-TV that Oakes drank the whole bottle.

White says other people attending the party told him that Oakes was blindfolded and that his head hit a tree. Those who went to the party carried Oakes back into the house and laid him on a sofa. According to NBC4 Washington, his friends checked him in at midnight and told the police that Oakes was still breathing at that point.

White told NBC4 Washington that he was found face-down on the sofa in the morning and half of his face was purple. Someone sought help and the officers came home at 9:16 am, Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. The newspaper added that the VCU officials, the Richmond Police and Delta Chi’s national organization refused to endorse or deny what happened to White’s party. Richmond Police Department emailed Heavy that the officers had found Oakes “closed and unresponsive” in a house located at 100 block of West Clay Street. He was reported dead at the scene. A medical doctor will do an autopsy to determine the cause and form of death. The police spokesperson added that the department was working with the VCU Police Department on the investigation.

Oakes was the only child and was excited to promise brotherhood in college. His father, Eric Oakes, told NBC4 Washington that his son promised Delta Chi as a way to make new friends with other students he knew from high school.

The family is pushing to do extensive research to determine exactly what caused the death of the first grade child. Eric Oakes said to the exit: “I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to any child, any family again.” “The man deserves answers. Cousin Courtney White added that the family believed Oakes died during the” harassment process “and” went too far. ”

According to WTVR-TV reports, Oakes often returned to Loudoun County on weekends, according to family members. His relatives told NBC4 Washington that he stayed on campus the weekend he died in order to match his brotherhood “older brother”.

Oakes is Remembered as a “Cheerful Man” who is Close to His Parents and Likes Sports

Oakes grew up in Sterling in Loudoun County, Virginia. She graduated from Potomac Falls High School in 2020, according to a player profile at Hudl.

Oakes played on the soccer team in high school and enjoyed cheering on other athletic teams, according to a tweet from the school he graduated from. Lower Loudoun Boys Football also shared on Facebook that Oakes has been a part of the organization for many years.

According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, Oakes had not yet selected a college graduate, but was considering sports marketing. Relatives told the newspaper Oakes that he loved the university experience, even though classes were online due to the coronavirus outbreak. Her cousin, Courtney White, said that WTVR-TV Oakes has a “really special bond” with her parents and is the kind of person who would do anything to help someone in need.

A GoFundMe campaign launched to help Oakes’ parents pay funeral expenses has raised more than $ 30,000 as of this writing. On the page, Oakes was described as “the happiest, most cheerful man everyone wants to be with. Virginia Commonwealth University did the same. In a written statement on February 28, the school announced that “the national office of the Delta Chi fraternity has ordered a ceasefire to the VCU division on Saturday; the university took a similar action today and continues its investigation The Richmond Police Department has not yet released additional information on Oakes’ death. As of this writing, the department had only confirmed that Oakes was found unresponsive at an address on Clay Street and was declared dead at the scene. They did not comment on the family’s allegations that Oakes’ death was the result of harassment and excessive drinking.

But a petition launched on Change.org pushes for a criminal investigation into Oakes’ death. The petition, initiated by a VCU student on February 28, calls for a permanent ban of Delta Chi from the VCU campus and “expulsion of interested students from the University”. The petition collected more than 6,800 signatures in approximately 24 hours.