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Adam Newbold, 45, from Lisbon, Ohio, where the Navy confirmed he was a retired SEAL private war operator, returned home from Washington and said he was “proud” of the attack on Facebook followers. Earlier that day, the US Capital. A retired US Navy SEAL faces questions from the FBI after he boasted of “violating the Capitol Building” in a Facebook video last Wednesday after he went to Washington to attend a rally for President Donald Trump last Wednesday. “positive revolution”.

Newbold tries to defend the actions of those who entered the Capitol Building, falsely insisting that the only destruction happened when the rebels tried to enter the building, and falsely says nothing was destroyed.

“The assembly building, our building and our house were damaged. And you had to knock down the doors and windows to get in, ”Newbold says in the video. The video was deleted from Facebook, but a copy was taken by ABC News.

The former US Navy frog, also known as Advanced Training Group Worldwide, dressed in Ohio-based firearms training company ATG Worldwide, describes the damage done by the rebels, implying both witnessing and participation in the events.

“There are stories to be told for generations, we hope… I hope it will be a positive revolution,” he boasts. “HOOYAH!”

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* He is 45 Year Old

Newbold, who has served in the US Navy for 24 years and provides tactical shooting training to civilians and police online, said he asked lawmakers to “think twice about what they were doing” and be left shaking in their shoes. ”

When reached by ABC News on Tuesday, Newbold confirmed that he had recorded his thoughts in the front seat of a vehicle on the night of the riot. He said the FBI interviewed him about his activities in the country’s capital, and the bureau asked for a second interview.

In a 45-minute interview with ABC News, Newbold said he regretted his actions and that “everything was taken too far” about the attack on the Capitol.

Speaking in a sad tone very different from the post-riot video, Newbold claimed that he was “outraged” that day, but admitted that Joe Biden would be the next commander.

“Now I want to cry out for your mercy as you realize that my life is definitely turned upside down,” Newbold told ABC News. I am not a terrorist. I’m not a traitor. ”

Newbold refused to attack the police officers guarding the Capitol or entering the building alone, but currently Trump’s supporters said he was caught trying to stop the approval of the 2020 presidential election. But after posting the video of hitting his own chest on Facebook, he said the reality began when he learned that one of the rebels was shot dead and later a US Congress Police officer died.

“Nothing succeeded. What was this all for?” Newbold told ABC News.

The involvement of the active or retired army in the January 6 uprising attracted the special attention of lawmakers and law enforcement agencies because of the oath of members of the American armed forces to obey the Constitution. At least three of the rebels arrested to date, and those who pioneered the spread of conspiracy theories in the 2020 elections, are believed to have served in the US military.

Retired Marine Mick Mulroy and retired Navy SEAL said, “As members of the military, we have struggled to defend our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression. But the January 6 attack on the US Capitol was not about freedom of expression; He was rebelling, ”Eric Oehlerich said in a joint statement. .

Mulroy and Oehlerich, both authors of ABC News, wrote that “any military member involved violates the United States Constitution’s defense oaths against all foreign and domestic enemies.”

Newbold told ABC News that he would never take up arms against the government, where he served in “many missions” in the military and an intelligence agency.

While some of those involved in the uprising wore military clothing, Newbold appears to be the first veteran from the US special operations community found to be involved in events that turned violent. A video posted on Newbold’s event page about the DC rally for Trump advised his friends and followers to consider bringing canes and American flags to potentially fend off what he claimed could be violence by left-wing Antifa protesters. like pepper spray and folding batons to defend themselves if necessary. Law enforcement said there was no evidence that any of Antifa participated in the violence on Capitol Hill last week. In a photo taken during the riot, Newbold stands on an abandoned and searched US Capitol Police motorcycle. He said he tried to turn the police officers into his point of view before he left for Washington, but now he says he tried to reduce the violence when he got there and even prevented others from attacking the police, and thanks the police. Services in the Congress Building stairs. However, he admits that in the video shot after the attack, he displayed a very different style than he had adopted since then.