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  • Authorities said one California deputy sheriff was killed and another aide was injured in a clash with a suspect who shot a K-9 dog before he was fatally shot.

    Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said the clash broke out near a racetrack at the Cal Expo venue in Sacramento, following a vehicle chase late Monday.

    Jones said the deceased assistant was identified as Adam Gibson, a six-year senior member of the division. “He left behind a wife and a baby boy,” said the sheriff.

    Jones said the injured helper was in stable condition.

    Jones said the suspect was a man in his 40s but did not reveal his name.

    He was identified as Robert Stephen Calderon on Tuesday by his mother, Jenny Calderon, who spoke to the Sacramento Bee. According to his family and court records, he had a history of criminal activity, drug use, and mental illness.

    Calderon said that his son used drugs in the past and said, “I think he was bipolar.”

    “He saw people coming out of the walls,” he said. They would always come and harass him. And he was angry with me because he thought I had them in his room. ”

    Calderón said that this led to him getting a gun and he didn’t know how to get it.

    “I told him to get rid of it, I told him that you need some help and you need to get rid of that gun,” he said.

    Jones said the chase and shoot attempt followed a traffic stop and the driver crashed in the Cal Expo grounds.

    “One of the K-9 officers placed a K-9 dog in the vehicle to try to get the suspect out of the vehicle. The suspect immediately shot and killed the K-9 unit, then immediately started shooting at the officers, ”Jones said.

    It was not immediately known what caused the traffic to be stopped.

    Jones said the Sacramento Police Department plans to carry out the investigation.

    Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his condolences to the family of his murdered attorney.

    “Deputy Sheriff Gibson will be forever remembered for his selfless sacrifice and his commitment to providing safety and security for the Sacramento community,” Newsom said in a statement.

    Calderón’s parents described him as a former truck driver and home health worker who loved animals and was a little pugu named Max. They said that he was often homeless and lived in a Chevrolet Suburban, often parked in front of a used clothing store where lawmakers contacted him on Monday night.

    Calderón has been in and out of custody for decades, according to court records.

    According to Supreme Court records, there were nine serious crime and misdemeanor cases from Sacramento County dating back to 1993. Cases often include drugs and stolen vehicles. His latest local trial, the serious crime, came in 2012. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison for vehicle theft.

    Jenny Calderon left several times talking about her son and what he was doing. Calderón said in his apartment that he was mourning not only his son, but especially the martyr’s deputy and his family.

    “I’m glad he died because if he knew what the deputy had done to his family, he couldn’t live with him,” she said.