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Who Is Aaron Robinson ?

Robinson was named by law implementation as the associated killer with Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood in Texas April 22, 2020. Robinson passed on by self destruction before his capture, keeping him from truly dealing with formal indictments.

Today, Guillen’s family is as yet calling for equity for the killed trooper. She was a 20-year-old expert in the Army who worked in a structure adjoining Robinson. Her claim to fame was 91F, which included fixing little weapons and big guns. Robinson was a 20-year-old enrolled warrior from Calumet City, Illinois, as per ABC News. Before he joined the Army, he played football at Thornton Fractional North High School. He was conveyed to Iraq for around seven months in 2018. The case was first inspected on ABC 20/20 in a two-hour uncommon, “I’m Vanessa,” which circulated September 11, 2020. Presently, 20/20 is investigating the situation, and addressing her life partner and relatives.

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20 Year Old

Aaron Robinson Suspected Murderer Of Vanessa Guillen Investigation & More Facts

. Guillen Texted Robinson Shortly Before She Was Killed, and Law Enforcement Discovered He Was the Last Person She Communicated With on Her Cellphone

Guillen and Robinson worked in structures at Fort Hood that were neighboring each other, and agents discovered that Robinson was the last individual Guillen at any point spoke with on her cellphone, as per The New York Times. She was available to come in to work because of COVID-19 upon the arrival of her vanishing, April 22, 2020, the U.S. Armed force said in a proclamation.

She was in exercise garments, and expected to have a brief day leading stock in the arms room, the assertion said.

“She was known as the prior night by directors and was told that she was expected to finish her arms room stock since she was a fundamental Military Occupational Specialty,” the assertion said. “This is the reason she was in exercise garments, it should be a fast day to lead the stock.” At about early afternoon, she left the arms room and went to Robinson’s room so she could affirm chronic numbers for certain weapons and other hardware, The New York Times announced. In interviews with law implementation, Robinson asserted he read the chronic numbers to her and gave her desk work, the Times detailed from the criminal grumbling. He said he thought she left for the engine pool subsequently, the report proceeded.

Guillen was accounted for missing the day after her vanishing, April 23, 2020, and the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division dispatched an examination, as indicated by the U.S. Armed force. Examiners found that a portion of her own belongings, for example, her vehicle keys, room key, ID and wallet, were abandoned in the ordnance room where she had been working the other day, the assertion said.

Two observers told agents that on the day Guillen disappeared, they saw Robinson pulling a huge “intense box” with wheels “that showed up extremely substantial in weight,” from the arms room, The New York Times announced. Cecily Aguilar, Robinson’s better half and a non military personnel, involved Robinson in the homicide, as indicated by The Times. She said Robinson beat Guillen the tar out of with a sledge and concealed her body in a huge box, as per the criminal objection investigated by The Times.

Aguilar was captured as an associate for the situation. She was accused of scheme to alter proof and she was blamed for assisting Robinson with dissecting the body and consume Guillen’s remaining parts, The Times announced. Her charge conveys a possible sentence of as long as 20 years in jail, the article said.

Before she was killed, authorities said Guillen made a revelation that may have incited the slaughtering. Guillen’s family lawyer, Natalie Khawam, revealed to ABC News Guillen had found Robinson had an illicit relationship with the spouse of an irritated trooper. The spouse was Aguilar, who might later be accused in association of Guillen’s vanishing and as an assistant to Robinson.

Aguilar and Robinson were living respectively at the hour of Guillen’s homicide, and USA Today announced Robinson called Aguilar to admit to the homicide. Cellphone records demonstrated Robinson and Aguilar talked on the telephone on various occasions around the hour of Aguilar’s vanishing, the article said. Robinson had told specialists he was with Aguilar at that point, and the records ruined his vindication, as indicated by ABC News. That evening, Aguilar asserted in interviews with agents, they had gone for a drive to see stars, as indicated by ABC News.

Natalie Khawam, Guillen’s family lawyer, told the Army Times Robinson reached Aguilar “to assist him with covering her wicked body.” She added, “from the start they attempted to set her ablaze, however she wouldn’t consume. Then, at that point they dissected this wonderful U.S. fighter’s body with a blade.”

Robinson Shot Himself With a Pistol and Died As Police Approached Him to Place Him Under Arrest

Robinson was set under the watch of an unarmed escort before his capture, as indicated by 20/20. He was not confined or in police authority at that point. He had been recognized as a suspect because of his cellphone records, which demonstrated he was in the space where Guillen’s remaining parts were discovered not long after she vanished, law authorization said on the show.

Data was released that Guillen’s remaining parts were found close to the Leon River, and Robinson escaped his post, authorities said during a July 2, 2020 public interview. Killeen police were dispatched to arrest him, and they were moving toward him when he shot himself, they said during the public interview.

Significant General Donna Martin, the Army’s executive marshal who heads the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command, told 20/20 the firearm Robinson utilized “was not an administration weapon. So he didn’t get it from his arms room.”

She accused the media for “tipping” off Robinson, driving him to acknowledge specialists may have solid proof against him.

“The entirety of this is unfurling at a similar specific time… What we didn’t possibly expect was the media communicated,” she said. “The media broadcast was truly sort of what we accept to be the tipping point for Spc. Robinson to escape.”

Guillen’s family has persistently said there was more to the narrative of Guillen’s homicide than what the U.S. Armed force has said in its public assertions. Before she was slaughtered, Guillen disclosed to her two sisters, Lupe and Mayra, and her mom, Gloria, that she was having issues at Fort Hood, as per 20/20. She said one of her bosses was physically irritating her, and she advised exactly the same thing to a few of her kindred troopers, relatives said on the show. She said the unrivaled official had watched her shower, as per ABC News.

Robinson was not her boss and was not in her levels of leadership, said Special Agent Damon Phelps of the Criminal Investigation Command during a July 2, 2020 question and answer session.

The U.S. Armed force said July 6, 2020, that it was researching the lewd behavior charges.

“The third Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood delegated an exploring group drove by a senior Investigating Officer (IO) to direct a commandant’s examination, alluded to as an ‘Military Regulation 15-6 Investigation’ into charges that Vanessa Guillén was physically pestered,” the assertion said. “An Army Regulation 15-6 examination is the Army’s standard technique for examination and is utilized to gather and break down realities and make suggestions dependent on those realities. The IO will accumulate the proof, altogether and fairly think about it, and make discoveries and proposals. When the examination is finished, the IO will introduce the discoveries and suggestions to the unit’s order for his survey. Fortress Hood units proceed to forcefully look for Vanessa Guillén.”

Martin told 20/20 they precluded Robinson hassling Guillen “right on time” in their examination.