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Aaron Mostofsky Wiki – Bio

Aaron Mostofsky is the son of a New York judge who was accused of dressing like a “caveman” to attend the Capitol Riots. His father was formerly president of a large Jewish organization and the New York Supreme Court was approved by a local Democratic committee. Aaron Mostofsky is now accused of stealing state property, knowingly entering or staying in any restricted building or ground without legal authority, preventing government affairs and illegal entry, and irregular behavior.

Aaron Mostofsky

Father of Accused Capitol ‘Caveman’ Rioter Is New York Judge

“If we find each other looking for a man who looks like a caveman,” he complains to a friend via social media. Authorities believe another reference he made refers to the presidential election: “Even a caveman knows he has been stolen.” “Since the Republicans lost home, I have these questions: 1 when and where do we protest / riot …”

She was seen wearing a fur coat, open riot shield, and bulletproof vest during the riots, according to the New York Daily News. He referred to himself as “caveman”.

“The police riot shield and the police vest are valuable items belonging to the United States, especially the US Congress Police,” the complaint says. According to the Daily News, he is the son of Judge Shlomo Mostofsky, who denied any knowledge of his behavior.

The criminal complaint uses a New York Post interview Mostofsky gave against him.

The complaint was featured in a New York Post article titled “The NYC man says he attacked the US Capitol to fight the stolen elections,” the subject who introduced himself to a New York Post reporter in an interview on January 6, 2021. He explained his actions: “The election was stolen,” “we were deceived,” and “I don’t think 75 million people voted for Trump. I think there are close to 85 million.”

The complaint says “Aaron” continues to tell the interviewer that he “traveled from Brooklyn, NY”. The New York Post video interview was held at the Capitol Building, during which time ‘Aaron’ was observed carrying a US Capital Police riot shield with the US Capital Police logo and a US Capital Police officer wearing a bulletproof vest. Labeled “Police”. ”

In the video interview, “Aaron” says “a cop he found on the ground took the riot shield.”

“Aaron” then pointed to the police vest on his chest and he said he had found the item on the ground and took it in his hand. He also states that he found a hat on the floor but returned the item to a police officer because it might be someone’s personal belongings. ”

The complaint says the vest is worth $ 1,905 and the riot shield is worth $ 256, both of which are the property of the US Congress Police.

On January 7, 2021, authorities found a second article from the New York Post titled “NYC man violating the US Capitol Building, son of Brooklyn’s leading judge.” The article described “Aaron” as Aaron Mostofsky. The complaint, “A study of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ images of Aaron Mostofsky revealed a photograph that matches the depiction of the interviewee known as’ Aaron ‘at the US Capitol.

Aaron Mostofsky Social Media News

On January 7, 2021, the FBI review of Aaron Mostofsky’s social media accounts identified an Instagram account called “aaron_mostofsky_official”, which contains videos taken inside and outside of the US Capitol, taken by a man believed to be Mostofsky.

“A video released on January 6, 2021, showing Mostofsky on a bus and looking like a self-shot video,
the complaint was tagged “DC connected stop theft”.

A search warrant has been issued for the Instagram account. It showed more posts regarding the Mostofsky presence in the US Capitol. In particular, the records show that on January 7, 2021, Mostofsky was sent a photo of a US Capital Police riot shield with the logo of the US Capital Police in the US Capital by another user.
He is wearing the US Capitol Police officer’s bulletproof vest labeled ‘Police’.

A message was sent to Mostofsky with the text “Your Celebrity” about the photo. In response, Mostofsky said under the username aaron_mostofsky_official: “Sorry IK.” “Unfortunately why” asked the sender. “Because now people really know me,” Mostofsky said. This is according to the complaint.

“In this speech, Mostofsky confirms that he is the person wearing and holding the property of the US Capitol Police in the photograph. During the same conversation, Mostofsky describes his presence in the US Capitol: “But it was like I’m here now, how did I get there,” the complaint says.

Jewish News reported that Judge Mostofsky was also called Steven Mostofsky. “Mostofsky defeated Theresa M. Ciccotto and Charles Finkelstein in the Democratic primary elections on September 13 and won 44.8% of the vote,” Ballotpedia said. This was in 2012.

Steven Mostofsky said, “He is a judge in the Second Jurisdiction of the New York Supreme Court. He took office on January 1, 2020. His current term of office ends on January 1, 2034, ”he said.

Mostofsky also serves as a judge in the New York City Court of First Instance. In 2018, King County Politics reported that the elder Mostofsky was a Brooklyn citizen who “graduated from New York Law School in 1982 and started working under retired Judge Leon Deutsch in family law for six years”.

King County Politics was previously in private practice and spent ten years as chairman of the Young Israel National Council, “a confederation of about 150 modern Orthodox synagogues representing 25,000 households in North America.”

In 2019, the Kings County Democratic Executive Committee gave him approval for New York State Supreme Court justice.

According to Jewish News, Mostofsky’s brother Nachman is the executive director of Chovevei Zion, “a politically conservative Orthodox defense organization,” and “Brooklyn district leader and vice president of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club.”

He went to the rally, but didn’t enter the Capitol, according to Jewish News.

Nachman spoke to the Jewish Telegraph Agency before his brother was identified as a Capitol rebel. According to the Jewish News report, he condemned the violence, but said “it was carried out by the anti-fascist group Antifa.” No evidence emerged of Antifa ties with the riots.

He argued that his brother was “pushed in” and was not part of the illegal activities in the uprising, the site reported.