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Hoffman, whose full name is Donald Aaron Hoffman , Sheriff Glendell Hill said Aron Hoffman was a Virginia man who was fired from his post as a deputy at the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office after his “disturbing” social media posts were exposed. Posts on Parler, a popular platform among the right, claiming to be muted on Twitter, were linked to 44-year-old Hoffman by Charlottesville journalist Molly Conger in the December 25 Twitter header.

Hoffman, who described his work as a “human interaction expert” at the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office, according to the now-deleted LinkedIn profile shared by Conger on Twitter. Conger discovered that he used the name Grant Tucker as an aspiring country musician in his side career. After posting a photo of him in uniform on a Facebook page for his singing career, Tucker linked his profile to Hoffman. In Parler, Conger used the name . Conger linked Hoffman to his Parler profile after replacing his profile picture with a custom artwork he bought from Fiverr.

Hoffman, who was fired after an internal investigation on December 26, told the Washington Post that his Parler account had been taken and he had not posted. He said he noticed suspicious activity in his email and closed the account. “I didn’t do those posts. I’m trying to figure out who did it to the newspaper,” Hoffman said. Hoffman said, “I understand the community’s concern. I have been a government official for over 15 years and I take this very seriously. I am not a threat to the people in any way. This bothers me too. ”

In a statement posted on Facebook on December 26, the sheriff’s office said, “Earlier yesterday our agency was notified of disturbing comments on various social media outlets by a deputy sheriff. Sheriff Hill was notified and ordered an Internal Affairs investigation. The investigation was concluded and our attorney. He was dismissed from our office. We thank the people for bringing this to our attention. ” Prince William County is in the north of Virginia and the sheriff’s office serves “the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and the towns of Dumfries, Haymarket, Occoquan and Quantico,” according to his Facebook page. Here’s what you need to know about Prince William County assistant Aaron Hoffman, who is now fired:

Hoffman, whose full name is Donald Aaron Hoffman, has been working in law enforcement for 15 years, according to his now deleted LinkedIn profile. He has been working for the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office since 2010. Online records show that it was paid roughly $ 67,000 in 2018 and around $ 70,000 in 2017. Salary data for 2019 and 2020 were not available in the database, and whether or not it was given to him, will he be able to protect a severance package or benefits? He told The Post that he was planning to consult lawyers about duties and termination.

Hoffman was praised by the sheriff’s office in a 2016 Facebook post after sharing a photo of a resident allowing him to press buttons on his patrol car. The sheriff’s office shared the photo and wrote “a terrible moment.” Way to go to Deputy Sheriff Hoffman!

In 2011, Hoffman filed for bankruptcy in the federal court for the East District of Virginia in 2011, nearly eight months after starting his job as a Prince William County MP. At that time, Hoffman said that he had separated from his wife and had two young children. Records show Hoffman owed a penalty to the IRS for thousands of credit car and car loan debt and taxes.

Hoffman said the Proud Boys and other right-wingers should not walk in D.C., instead calling for another action. In a post found by Conger, he wrote: “Why were we walking again? We mock Socialist Libtards from country to country, state to state, generation after generation, for those who expect a different outcome from failure … but we are doing the same thing. Do you REALLY think the Communists will stop now because you are wearing your Trump hat, your superhero Trump flag, and March in the cold? Wake up bum !! ”

Hoffman said, “Take back your states physically !!! Not by votes, phone calls or emails, but by force. Now is not the time and the target DC… Find the homes of every Governor, mayor, attorney general, liberal judge, senator, congressman, and every major media / social media CEO… find them, remove them from their shelters. Bring the nightmare where they lay their heads and kiss their loved ones. Show them that it is NOT untouchable. “