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Who Is Aaron Danielson and Michael Reinoehl? Wiki, Murder, Killed, Age, Bio & More Facts You Need To Know

Aaron Danielson and Michael Reinoehl Wiki

On August 29, 2020, Aaron Danielson, an American supporter of the Patriot Prayer group, was shot dead after attending a pro-Trump caravan passing through Portland, Oregon, displaying banners and signs supporting President Donald Trump, and clashing with attendees. local George Floyd protests.

On September 3, 2020, Michael Reinoehl, an anti-fascist activist [4] and antifa supporter, who suspected Danielson was the killer, was shot dead by a federal-led fugitive task force near Lacey, Washington. Since 1993, since he was accused of murder of an anti-fascist activist] Reinoehl’s killing is under investigation and witnesses say officers fired without warning] President Donald Trump praised the US Police for shooting Reinoehl and


Law enforcement shot and killed an antifa supporter on Thursday as Ore took action to arrest him during the fatal shooting of a right-wing activist who was part of a pro-Trump caravan in Portland.

According to the U.S. Marshals Service, 48-year-old suspect Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot by officers from the federal-led fugitive task force during the encounter in Washington State.

“Initial reports show that the suspect produced a firearm and threatened the life of law enforcement,” Marshals Service said in a statement. “Task force members responded to the threat and shot the suspect, who was declared dead at the scene.”

Lieutenant Ray Brady of Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said in an interview that the suspect, who was wanted by law enforcement, got out of a flat and got into a vehicle.

“Gunshots were heard trying to catch him,” Lieutenant Brady said. He said that four law enforcement officers fired their weapons.

Lieutenant Brady said that Mr. Reinoehl had a pistol with him, but added on Friday, “we can’t verify if he’s fired right now” and the division was not aware of any body camera footage.

Early Thursday, an arrest warrant for the murder was issued by Portland police through the Environmental Court in Ore, Multnomah County. 29 fired, saying, “I had no other choice.”

Portland police were investigating the Saturday shooting murder of Aaron J. Danielson, one of President Trump’s supporters, who came to downtown Portland and clashed with protesters demonstrating against racist injustice and police brutality.

Mr. Reinoehl, who lives in the Portland area, has been persistently involved in the city’s demonstrations over the past weeks, assisting protesters with safety and arguing on social media that the struggle has become a “war of casualties”.


“I am 100% ANTIFA!” In June, she cited a loose collection of activists on Instagram who took action to oppose groups they see as fascist or racist. “I am ready to fight for my brothers and sisters! Even if some are too ignorant to understand what antifa actually means. We don’t want violence, but we won’t run away from it either! ”

In the Vice interview, Mr. Reinoehl said he was acting in self-defense, saying he believed he and a friend would be stabbed. “I could sit there and watch them kill a colorful friend of mine, but I wouldn’t do that,” he said.

Ms. Wickwire said in an interview that an hour before her fatal encounter with law enforcement, Mr. Reinoehl spoke over the phone with Tiffanie Wickwire, who helped her create a GoFundMe page.

“We were talking about his children and what he would do for them if anything happened to him,” he said, referring to his 17-year-old son and his 11-year-old daughter.

At the end of the meeting, they said “stay safe” to each other.

The Pacific Northwest Violence Criminal Task Force, which tried to arrest Mr. Reinoehl, included members of the US Marshals Service, the Lakewood Police Department, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, and the Washington State Corrections Department.

After Mr. Reinoehl was killed by law enforcement, Attorney General William P. Barr said in a statement that “the streets of our cities are safer”. He said the federal government’s ability to pursue Mr. Reinoehl was “a clear demonstration that the United States would be governed by law, not by violent gangs.”

Mr. Barr formed a task force this summer to investigate the proliferation of violent anti-government extremists as citizens across the country protested the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police. FBI. It opened hundreds of investigations into extremist activities, but mainly blamed actors from the far right.

But in his public statements, Mr. Barr attributed the violence to leftist groups and movements, particularly the antifa, and reiterated President Trump’s claims that left-wing actors were inciting violent riots.

Officers closed Mr. Reinoehl on a residential street lined with row houses and detached houses in a non-residential area adjacent to the town of Lacey, not far from Olympia, the Washington State capital of Olympia, and about two hours’ drive north of Portland.

Michael Reinoehl

Michael Forest Reinoehl (May 17, 1972 – September 3, 2020) lived in Clackamas, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon and had two children Reinoehl himself is an anti-fascist activist and antifa supporter, a professional snowboarder and an army spokesperson Reinoehl ‘ Although he said there were no records of his service in the military, Reinoehl was a construction contractor when his snowboarding career declined.

Reinoehl has been estranged from his family in recent years and has reportedly supported him with odd jobs for his friends. A snowboard friend said Reinoehl was known for his daring snowboarding as a teenager, but has struggled in recent years and has had a difficult divorce, Reinoehl’s sister described him as “not very stable” to the New York Times, and told the New York Times: his participation in the Portland protests. it made you feel that “your existence makes sense again”.

Reinoehl’s social media accounts showed that he had been heavily involved in the protests for three months and helped maintain safety. [10] [39] A protest leader said Reinoehl had been trained to relieve tension and was “excellent at that”. Another local organizer called Reinoehl a “guardian angel” for protesters. One protester who was friends with Reinoehl said: “Every night he would break up with fights.” Reinoehl’s previous social media posts about snowboarding, nature and his children were almost exclusively. From May 30, he focused on the protests in Portland.

Reinoehl was wanted for failing to appear in court for a speed racing case in June 2020. His 17-year-old son raced 111 mph on Interstate 84 while his 11-year-old daughter was in his car as a passenger. The car also had marijuana, pills, a kitten, a large dog, and a loaded Glock gun that Reinoehl did not license. Reinoehl was arrested for driving under influence, recklessly endangering a person, and illegally possessing a firearm. On July 5, Reinoehl was arrested again in Portland for possessing a loaded gun in public places. The spokesperson said that this case was an ongoing investigation at the time of his death. [45] According to The Oregonian, “the allegations were dropped” without complaint “on July 30, according to court records. The documents do not show why prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges. Reinoehl never spent time behind bars.” Reinoehl was shot. and was injured in Portland in July after intervening in an argument in which one of the participants was armed. On August 7, according to police inspectors, Reinoehl told his young son, “Sell me the gun for a quarter pound weed, and $ 100 I’m sick of this shit now I need a piece. “He was set to be released on 29 August. Reinoehl later texted his landlord: Reinoehl had nowhere to go and the Proud Boys were trying to shoot him.” On August 29, Reinoehl told Yoder that the Sheriff’s Office himself evacuated. The next night, August 30, the police responded to the house after other tenants reported that they had been shot before 1 pm. “[47]

In a June 2020 Instagram post that was described as “full of violent messages” by The New York Times, Reinoehl wrote that he is “100% ANTIFA” [30] [9] In the same Instagram post, Reinoehl also said, “Right now is our opportunity to fix everything. But this will be a fight like never before! There will be war, and like all wars there will be losses. ” [48] ​​Reinoehl said he was ready to fight “to change the course of humanity”. [40] Reinoehl was not affiliated with Rose City Antifa or the Portland-based anti-fascist organization Popular Mobilization. [49] In an interview published by Vice Media, Reinoehl said: “I felt that my life and the lives of other people around me were in danger, and I felt that I had no choice but to do what I did. […] Paint a picture that shows that the antifa has great involvement. He doesn’t understand what antifa stands for. And if you just look at its basic definition, it’s just anti-fascist. And I’m 100% anti-fascist. I’m not an antifa member. I’m not a member of anything. To be honest, I hate to say this, but it’s a civil war around the corner. This shot sounded like the beginning of a war. “[36] [50] [51] Reinoehl told Vice after he shot Danielson that he did not surrender because police collaborated with right-wing protesters and feared he could be killed in custody. Reinoehl told Vice that his house was shot. and he


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